10 Works of Jogin

Works of Jogin

Posted on November 21, 2006 by team

Russian art

“Smoking is bad for your memory”

These are some sample works of Russian guy Jogin.

Russian art

“It’s time to change a captain”. So even in Russia people concerned of Bush?

Russian art

Is it for a direct connect to you know whom?

Russian art

Vodka in the paper bag.

Russian art

“Game Over”

Russian artRussian art

“The Bad Dream”

Russian art

“Happy Fool’s Day”

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10 responses to “Works of Jogin”

  1. raptorok says:

    A golden crist is not for direct connect to God! It is for “new russans”. It`s local stereotype of rich “people in crimson jackets”.

  2. КУБыч says:

    cool condom! 😀
    It’s funny! 😀

  3. Belochka says:

    About “Vodka in the paper bag”
    The design is the same with design of milk bags. And near the bag you see pickled cucumber: it’s a tradition – to have some vodka with pickled cucumber.
    And: pickled cucumber looks like a frog. Long ago, when there were no fridges, russian peasants put frog into the jug with milk and the milk remained cool even in the height of summer.

  4. DJiK says:

    Belochka, that wasn’t done to keep the milk cool.
    It was done to keep it from spoiling — the frogs released a certain chemical that kept it fresh for longer.
    The same thing was done to Kvass.

  5. Kirov says:

    You know WHO, not you know whom!

  6. jayman419 says:

    What is the book shown in “The Bad Dream”? Is that a computer operating manual of some sort?

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