7 Internet in Countryside

Internet in Countryside

Posted on November 19, 2006 by team

That’s a typical internet cafe in Russia village.

Here you can see a pc connected to internet, but to the left of the table there is tiled stove without tiles, fueled with firewood.

Internet cafe workers boil water on it in those pans and buckets, together with some food for themselves.

Also somewhere near firewood furnace there is a Kodak service to print photos.

It’s like high technologies slowly penetrate the Russian traditional countryside way of life. 

russian village internet cafe


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7 Responses to “Internet in Countryside”

  1. Xavi says:

    Well… it doesn’t look like an internet cafe… I think it’s a regular post office according to what is written on the desk: Почта россии.

  2. Acts_of_Atrocity says:

    Tiled stove. Without tiles. Um.


  3. Jack Slater says:

    Russian Postal Service has a federal program to install “Internet connected” endpoints at most of their offices across the country.

    So the original post is accurate.

  4. dRE says:

    Yes, it is a Russian post office, but most probably in some smaller town. Post offices usually have only 1 computer for internet and sometimes it doesn’t work, so it’s better to use normal internet-cafes. Although in post offices it is much cheaper and the connection speed is fairly good.

  5. Denis says:

    I’ve used an “internet access point” at a postal office. The speed and price were abysmal. It was a dial-up connection – slower than I remember having Canadian dial-up in 1999 – and about 20 roubles (~$1) per megabyte.

  6. Wladimir says:

    This is a “Collective Internet Access Object” as it is written on the right paper above the table.

    I.e. a internet micro-cafe placed in an empty corner of some administrative building in some far village. As here is also a Kodak lab, it would be a post office.

  7. Starshii says:

    Now they can check englishrussia too!

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