5 Russian Street Curling

Russian Street Curling

Posted on November 17, 2006 by team

Some play curling indoors, some outdoors.

Here is the whole street playing curling with their cars.

Video is again without a sound but one can imagine what sound it was.


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5 Responses to “Russian Street Curling”

  1. Bert (Russophile) (drunk) says:

    Where is the Bugatti Veyron? And the guys with the brooms? Curling is an Olympic sport damn it! :)

  2. rogatek says:

    it looks like a scene from one of my nightmares, when i’m driving car in winter and breaks can’t work

  3. Clive Davis says:


    There I was, muttering curses as my car edged a path through the mayhem in west London yesterday evening. Next time, I’m caught, I’ll take a deep breath, close my eyes and think of this picture of gridlock in Moscow….

  4. Grajeda says:

    russia is fascinating

  5. general Public says:

    two words: SNOW TIRES.

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