26 Bugatti Veyron in Moscow 2

Bugatti Veyron in Moscow 2

Posted on November 16, 2006 by team

Here are some more shots of Bugatti Veyron in Moscow.

It has been known that together with the high Russian custom taxes it has been sold for $1,800,000 for somebody in Moscow.

It’s pity that Russian roads would kill it fast.

bugatti veyron in moscow

bugatti veyron in moscowbugatti veyron in moscowbugatti veyron in moscow

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26 Responses to “Bugatti Veyron in Moscow 2”

  1. CuCbKa says:

    Wow! Cool car! How much is it?

  2. Xavi says:

    The owner also paid to get those “777” in the plate number.

    It’s quite common in Russia to bribe to get special plate numbers or privileged ones (like the ones reserved for Administration, Police, and so on).

  3. Dmitry says:

    but the cost of those 777 is nothing compared to the car price :)

  4. BigDog says:

    Does ‘777’ have some special meaning?

  5. AmericaPhobe says:


  6. AntiRus says:

    7th heaven

  7. h8 says:

    from that i know the more 7 u got on your plates the more luck it supose to bring u. its strange but if u look on exotic cars in russia u will see that the more money u have the more sevens and of course the more showoff u got.

  8. dksp says:

    The price of this car is 1.000.000 € excluding sales taxes.

  9. Menco says:

    And who is the owner ? One of the master spammers ?

  10. RussianHools says:

    Ho ho it`s my))))

  11. AnAmerican says:


    You asked Kim what about 600,000 Iraqis. My response is what about Beslan Middle School and 9/11. I am an American against the war in Iraq but even more I do think it is important to hunt down and kill without mercy anyone responsible for the attack on your country and mine. I also think our countries should stop this bickering and work together toward that goal.

  12. AntiRus says:

    No one in Iraq was responsible for 9/11

  13. Andrey says:

    2 AnAmerican
    Iraq’s never attacked your country..

  14. BarSUCHok says:

    hy there! explaination from moscow: getting 3-equal-digit numberplate is attempt to show your status, because it very expencive: you mast pay a HUGE bribe to get it. But it is only a “puting on lugs” and called in russian “PONT” [pont]. PONT it is not acceptable in a lot of social spheres.

  15. PM says:


    How the hell can AmericaPhobe link some russian buying a cool car to Bush’s administration and the war in Iraq? A bit of a long shot?

    Cool down, mate.

    And the rest of you too. You’re already going on about 911 and whatnot… This was about a car, remember?

  16. Elias Kalinovski says:

    The Veyron is the car of 1.001 horse-power, isn’t it?

    In modern times, rich people buy supercars.
    In soviet times, government built guns and spacecrafts while people lived the same way as the Stalin times.

    The human being never know how to manage its resources if he has a lot of it. When you have a little, you manage better – it can be an easy explaination of why the small European countries have a so good living standard for everybody.

  17. Oleg says:

    But-thy, the European countries too showed examples of rage

  18. Bill USA says:

    That is one bad ass auto!

  19. j says:

    it cost Volkswagen more than double the $1.3m price tag to build each car. Apparently Volkswagen lost money building the veyrons.

  20. brbrbr says:

    i knew this car[and owner].

    number plate is retouched-photoshopped.

  21. dar black says:

    what about those 100 000 Lithuanians repressed during 1941-1953 genocide by the Russians?

  22. AA says:


  23. Tutan Camon says:

    Car for stupid people who steal the money….

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