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Posted on November 13, 2006 by team

Have you been buying something with cranberry lately? Maybe cranberry jam or sauce? Or cranberry juice?

A lot of cranberry grows in Russia, in different regions of it. Russia exports cranberry to other countries where it is being processed in some deserts and so on.

Here are some photos of how the cranberry is being collected and turned into an extract in Russia, which is later being used in production of the above mentioned products.


cranberrycranberrycranberrycranberrycranberryPhotos by rian.ru

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12 Responses to “Cranberry”

  1. Jok says:

    So what is wrong with that? In winegrowing countries they do the exact same thing with grapes.

  2. Jen says:

    Does anybody know why does fresh cranberry in Russia tastes 100% better than cranberry sold in US?

  3. Flippy says:

    Cranberries can trace their orgins back to the North-eastern corner of the United States of America.

  4. Acts_of_Atrocity says:

    America! The homeland of cranberries!

  5. Dave says:

    This is normal cranberry production.

  6. Flippy says:


    This site is great, I enjoy it because in one way or another it portrays every day life. And if you are looking for something distictivly Russian, I think I have it for you:

    In almost every picture on this site, there is at least one guy who is wearing work clothing and a camouflage jacket. It seems that Camo’ is popular amoung the Rooskies!

  7. Glorius says:

    In Finland Vietnamese workers just gather it in the forest

  8. ilyich says:

    An American critcizing Russian juices reminds me of Germans criticizing American beer. For whatever reason most Americans prefer watered down and bitter lagers like Budweiser or Miller. Why? I don’t know, “familiarity” I would assume– there is plenty of good American beer available, but the cheap beer sells more. Perhaps it’s the same in Russia?

    And as for LR– she admits that Russians make little money, and so cannot afford to buy high quality juice, and yet in another post criticizes Russians for buying cheaper bootlegs of western dvds!

    At least she must be pleased about Russia’s “short adult lifespan and declining population”. (Don’t hold your breath waiting for Russia to disappear anytime soon, LR).

  9. 4emist says:

    TO LR

    if you think that people can’t buy juice for 1,5 dollar in russia – that’s your opinion. You can find Those juices that i named in every little shop in moscow other towns. And may i ask you what was the date you visited those towns?

  10. Toomas says:

    Hi! everybody!
    This blueberry field located in Belorussia. Cranberry looks American cranberry (Oxycoccus macrocarpoon) cultivar Ben Lear. The best juice is possible get from European cranberry(Oxycoccus palustris), it is an other plant kind.
    By accident I have the only this kind cranberry field in the World. Still. Execuse my English!

  11. Francis says:

    Excellent article, I enjoy every article I read here. Thanks,
    and keep bloggin!

  12. xaniel says:

    Interesting, before I immigrated to America I’ve seen the same kind of cranberry photoshoot in a magazine.. and I thought it was something specific to America. I guess it’s the same thing back in Russia and in the US.

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