12 How To Make A Bread Basket From an Old Printer

How To Make A Bread Basket From an Old Printer

Posted on November 9, 2006 by team

Sometimes people use things in some other way than their direct purpose.

This Russian guy proposes to use your old printer as a bread-basket or a box to store some medicines.

He removed all the inside parts of the printer, disassembled it, washed it with soap and then assembled but without inner parts.

What he have got became a bread basket in form of printer, he probably puts it with some bread inside on the table when he serves meals at his parties.

bread basket from a printerbread basket from a printerbread basket from a printerbread basket from a printerbread basket from a printerphotos by forum.hwp.ru

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12 Responses to “How To Make A Bread Basket From an Old Printer”

  1. someone says:

    now I know what to do with my old printer

  2. Chiller says:

    Best mod ever…(sarcasm)..

  3. BadTux says:

    Having once been cursed to own an Epson C82 printer, I can attest that this is indeed the best use for that pitiable excuse for a printer. Thing spent more time with its print heads clogged than working.

  4. Pacific NW says:

    I think a cardboard box would be a better breadbox, or the floor.

  5. Laszlo says:

    Not really a good idea. An old printer is always full of ink residues. And printer ink is heavily carcinogenic.

    Always wear disposable gloves when you change ink cartridges or touch the inside parts of a printer or copier, or at least wash your hands thorougly after the operation.

    Ozon, the gaz the smells so strange when you use a copier is also carcinogenic. Install your laser printer or copier in a well aerated room. Open the window when you use the equipment, and go away when you do a large printing job or copy a large amount of material.

  6. Cigarettes says:

    hahahaah I will use my old printer with sense.

  7. Joe Average says:

    So what I want to know is – how do you make a printer out of an old bread box???

  8. Great information. I’m researching laser printers for my small office.

  9. Love your opinion. Perhaps printer toner info could guide someone out there.

  10. Bread Boxes says:

    I love fresh bread… great stuff ^^

  11. Zain says:

    Sure a nice idea for recycling the old printer which has no-use can still be a bread-basket wonderful. Thanks for sharing your idea !

  12. Excellent – thank you – creative ideas rock.

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