5 Car Service Accident

Car Service Accident

Posted on November 9, 2006 by team

This video is from one of Moscow city car services.

The guy simply forgets about the clutch so the car hits the garage door.

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5 responses to “Car Service Accident”

  1. the polish guy says:

    It’s really nothing. Look at this garage artist:


  2. the polish guy says:

    I mean they took somebody’s car they’d been repairing…

  3. the polish guy says:

    I think you’ve deleted my comment. Why?

  4. dRE says:

    the polish guy: Welcome to Western democracy, friend. Yes, your comments can be deleted here if they upset the Master.

  5. Vincent Chow says:

    Funny. Kinda remind me about the incident happen few days ago. I was at a food stall near a car wash lot and saw 2 accident done by the car washer in less than one hour.

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