4 Russian Catapult

Russian Catapult

Posted on November 8, 2006 by team

This video of some Russian guys, have another kind of fun.

So, a group of Russians, lead by guy named “German”, dwellers of Russian capital Moscow city, arrived to a common Russian village and started a strange project.

What did they do? They have built a big catapult or trebuchet in the middle of common Russian village, right on the snowy field, and… shot fireballs with it.

They say that a price of each shot was around $120 and nobody was hurt.


4 Responses to “Russian Catapult”

  1. Robert says:

    There’s a few groups in UK that do this. One of them even fires cars or something ridiculous.

    Shame you don’t get to see where they landed or anything much… Bit high angle too, but still, wow.

  2. Neutra says:

    that’s actually a Trebuchet. Catapults are a little different, well actually a lot.

  3. don ed hardy says:

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