on Russian Space site
12 Rocket Sport

Rocket Sport

Not only Space travellers or BURAN Russian Shuttles launch from Baikonur, Russian space site. There is a contest for Space rockets among different youngsters is being hold there these days. Those rockets look like the photos of Lebanese "Katyusha"
rockets that have been fired in the direction of Israel this summer. Probably those youngsters could be of a great value for Hezbollah if they could provide them models with precise targeting.  It was a joke, really.  
russian keyboard monument
20 Keyboard Monument

Keyboard Monument

In Russian city Ekaterinburg there is a monument for QWERTY keyboard.  It looks like white stones scattered across the lawn if to look from
some distance.  But when you come closer you can clearly see that thouse boulders are keys and the lawn is the board.  
soviet kids book about life in Soviet Russia
23 Soviet Kids Book

Soviet Kids Book

This funny little book is from Old Soviet times. What is funny about it that it was printed in 2,400,000 copies! What an edition - the modern Harry Potter is not even close to it in Russia, though Harry Potter is considered to be popular in Russia too. What this book is about? It's teaching
youngsters about the Revolution, the Communism and the Red Stars of Kremlin. The price was 0.05 rouble, according to Soviet exchange rate it was around 5 cents. This price was normal for kids books in Soviet Russia. Everyone in Soviet school wore a star on his uniform.
10 Dutch Knorr Ad Using Russian Style

Dutch Knorr Ad Using Russian Style

Here is another example of how popular is Russian theme is abroad now. This is an ad of Knorr
soup, they are making fun on Russian stereotypes in it. It's now on Dutch television.
Ukrainian Russian speaking boxer Klichko
15 Klichko’s House

Klichko’s House

Probably many of us have heard about Klichko, the Ukrainian Russian speaking boxer, who won a lot of fights in USA. For example like this one: We have been sumbitted a
photos of his new house is being built in Ukraine. Now we can take a look. The style of the house is more like classic after Soviet houses - red brick etc.
7 Russian Theme in Basement Jaxx Video

Russian Theme in Basement Jaxx Video

Russian theme becomes more popular accross the World. Here is an example, a video from
Basement Jaxx using all the Russian symbolics and scenery. Link by Xavi
russia village ustje, far away north
14 A Russian Village Deep in The North

A Russian Village Deep in The North

This are photos by Alexandre Korolkov from Russian village “Ustje”. This village is remarkable. It is located on the far north of Russia, it’s much closer to American Alaska than to any major Russian cities. Temperatures there don’t get higher than 30-40 Fahrenheit even in the summer! Four hundred years ago a
group of Russian people flew far away to North in order to avoid death from the Tsar Ivan. They settled there and those people on the photos – direct descendants. They lived 400 years among Russian Eskimos people but didn’t assimilate and saved their traditions and Russian language.
14 Another Russian Music Video

Another Russian Music Video

Here is another Russian music video. The band's name is "VIAGRA". Some may say it's Ukrainian band, some - it's a Georgian
singer Meladze, but in general it's a Russian pop band "VIAGRA". And this is a short remake of this music video:
russian condom with a shawarma flavour
32 Shawarma Condoms

Shawarma Condoms

It has been submitted to us that in Russia there are now condoms are been sold with the "Shawarma" flavour.
Shawarma (or shwarma, shawerma, or shoarma) is the Arabic meat dish, well known all around the world.
russian revolution in 1993
22 Another Glimpse of Revolution

Another Glimpse of Revolution

Today it is 13 years after people in Russia went on streets trying to get themselves
more freedom in 1993. But they failed. This shots depict how it was:

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