mathias rust landed on red square of Moscow city in 1987
13 Landing On The Red Square

Landing On The Red Square

This is the guy who embarassed the Russians and astounded the world, when in 1987 at the age of 19 flew a Cessna 172B undetected all the way from Malmi airport in Helsinki, landing the craft in Moscow's Red Square. Mathias Rust (born 1968) is a German pilot who, in 1987, at the age of 19, flew from Hamburg to Moscow, eluding the Soviet air defences and landed in Red Square near the Kremlin. After leaving Hamburg on May 28 Rust refuelled his Cessna 172B at Helsinki-Malmi Airport. He told air traffic control that he was going to Stockholm, but he turned his plane towards the east. Rust disappeared from the Finnish air space near Sipoo. He headed towards the Baltic coastline and turned
towards Moscow. By chance, he flew into the Soviet Union on the national border guard's holiday, and the lax security that resulted allowed him to fly into Soviet territory unnoticed. I think it was even by chance but the date was chosen by him on purpose because it's well known that during this holiday every national guardian is drunk no matter he is engaged on his post or resting in the barracks.  Rust flew straight towards Moscow and landed in Red Square. He was arrested immediately by the Soviet authorities. Though on this photo he doesn't look like immediately arrested, authorities seem like enternained by his deed.
12 Moscow Decorated For Soviet Holidays, 1932

Moscow Decorated For Soviet Holidays, 1932

During Soviet holidays many Russian cities were decorated with different Soviet propaganda stuff. Here are photos from the Moscow city back from 1932. As years passed this tradition only
srengthened, at the end of Soviet era cities were drowning in red flags and slogans on each holiday. "Our life is much better now! Our life is a great fun today!"
14 “Moskvich” For Finland

“Moskvich” For Finland

It was strange to discover that in 50s Russia exported one of its low-budget cars
to Finland. Here we have a video of an ad frm Finnish TV back in 1957.
tbilisi, georgia
41 Strange Soviet Buildings

Strange Soviet Buildings

All these buildings might remind some objects from Sci-Fi movies of the past. In the former USSR you can meet such buildings. They are not very often but there are some like in this photo series. Some of the buildings have weird history. For example the building number 3, the “Friendship” hotel attracted a great part of attention from USA intelligence agency. They thought it was some sort of missile
launching site. This one can remind some castle from "Star Wars" but in fact it's a place in which Soviet marriage events were held in Tbilisi, Gergia. In Russia and in USSR marriage doesn't occur in the church, it happens in a special house called "Palace of The Marage". It is so still nowadays, though after getting married in such place couple can visit a church.
4 Tough Dancing

Tough Dancing

The image of a tough Russian guy from 90s is something like black cloths, black sun-glasses etc. And some such tough
Russian dance tough on dance parties. This one is also dancing, but right in the middle of the street.
24 Doll House

Doll House

Very strange dwelling was found in Russian countryside. What is this, some voodoo
sect shelter? Or is it a some kind of design solution? See yourself.
20 VEPR Another Thing For Russian Roads

VEPR Another Thing For Russian Roads

We try to find an alternative that can people help to move across the roads like this. There were already mentioned "A Luxury Tank", "Russian Hummer Clone" and some low budget versions of Russian way to move across. Now it's turn for Ukrainian
thing to be shown. Ukraine was a part of USSR for 70 years, and still many people consider it to be Russian by its nature. So they also want to help Russia to solve its old road problem, so they presented a "VEPR" vehicle.
17 Tank And Zaporozhets

Tank And Zaporozhets

Some Russian military engineers do sometime really weird tests. Like this one for example. A big T-90 Russian military tank attacks the smallest old Russian
car Zaporozhets. One time was not enough, it takes a second try and smashes it completely. Engineers seem to be happy. Watch yourself..
where is georgia?
40 Where Is Georgia?

Where Is Georgia?

Some time ago there was a political conflict between Russian and the small country on its South called “Georgia”. Georgia is a part of former Soviet Union, so most of people there speak Russian and a lot of Georgian people live and work in Russia, because average monthly salary in Georgia doesn’t exceed $30 (compared to $400 in Russia). Also there are some Russian army troops in Georgia since Soviet Union times. So there
was a conflict and major American news agencies mentioned this conflict in their news reports. But it seemed so that some people in USA didn’t understand that there is another Georgia and made a big discussion in Yahoo newsgroups. They were really shocked to learn that USA state Georgia is invaded with Russians. Look this screenshot of Yahoo newsgroups: Comments were like this:
sewerage system of Moscow
5 Moscow Sewerage

Moscow Sewerage

A few Russian bloggers have visited the Moscow sewer system. They made a lot of shots. These are just example what can be seen in Russian capital sewerage. They say it's extremely dangerous to visit this place because sometimes the level of the water
reaches ceilings of this tunnel. They also had an idea to visit this place one with a rafting boat to made extreme shots of underground water racing, but then decided that there are more easy ways to loose one's life.

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