14 Russian Roads 7

Russian Roads 7

We had some of Russian roads before, and today we have a small video what happens to Russian roads at winter. This road is completely coated with ice, so drivers simply cannot stop, and this happens in the
city, so all cars are have nothing to do than to slide and smack each other. The quality of the video is low it was made by camphone, the guy shouts all the time: "Keep out! Keep out!"
tornado in Russia
15 Black Sea Tornado

Black Sea Tornado

Tornados can happen even in such cold climate countries like Ex-USSR part Ukraine. This shots are made on Crimea peninsula, most population of which prefer to speak Russian language to Ukrainian and demand from their local goverment to make Russian as their state
language. The most interesting thing about this tornado that the Black Sea is a small sea that is not connected directly to any ocean - so it's like tornado in a lake so to say. The city on photos is Sevastopol. No damage were caused to it.
russian soldiers in afghanistan
31 Afghanistan, 1983

Afghanistan, 1983

What’s going now in Afghanistan is not for the first time. 27 years ago Russian army entered Afghanistan to help the Afghani president protect his power against the Islamic forces terrorizing the country. Russian army stayed there 9 years and 1 months. It was opposed by troops lead by Usama Bin Laden who was that time officially sponsored by USA, in order to prevent a victory of USSR there and not allowing Soviet Union to establish there another regime supported by communists. During these 9 years more than 14,000 Russian soldiers were killed, half thousand people were captured by the opposing Afghani forces. Practically all of them were forced to turn into Islam. And more than 50,000 Russian soldiers were wounded there and 10,000 of them continued their life as
disabled as a result of the war. But what can be most interesting is that just a few months after the Soviet troops left Afghanistan the radical Islamic movement took over the country again and was just becoming stronger and stronger until the USA troops came into a play. Now, when USA military presence is not high there it has been heard that only center of the country is being controlled by “democratically chosen president”, all the distant regions are again under the rule of radical Islamists. So probably there is no way on turning this country to Western system of good and bad. On these photos you can see Russian soldiers together with Afghani ones, and some scenes from everyday life in 1983.
russian computer cake
15 Computer Cake

Computer Cake

Some people ask us to tell more about Russian cuisine. So today here we have an example of Russian cuisine made by guys from saechka.ru - the computer cake. That's a cake in a form of a real desktop without an
upper cover, so you can see all the electronic stuff and then you can taste it. These are components on pre compilation stage. You can clearly see something that would be a cooler.
russian guy rides bike whith a lot of vodka
13 Vodka Bycicling

Vodka Bycicling

It happened so that vodka topic today dominate. Well it's no surprise if you write about Russia that a lot of funny things are connected to vodka.
So this one is a prequel to the others, it explains how a person wants to drink if he carries so many bottles while riding a bycicle.
10 Another Russian Party

Another Russian Party

When Russian people are drunk what do they do? Sometimes they
dance. Look at another dance from some Russian party.
violent russian policeman
16 Violent Russian Policeman

Violent Russian Policeman

This is a photo from Russian streets. The policeman looks really happy when he is attacking
this young woman for her participation in anti-govermental rally in Moscow city.
clown ronald in russian t-shirt
9 McDonalds Show

McDonalds Show

Yesterday a group of antiglobalist dressed like a McDonald's clown Roland but wearing Russian navy t-shirts. They wander around the McDonald's restaraunt in the center of Moscow, cried out the slogans like "Go to McDonald's the best network of free restrooms
worldwide". Then they got inside the restaraunt messing continuing there tricks inside. First the McDonald's security was engaged and then Russian police was called, but they ran away. Another activist is wearing "Go Vegan" slogan.
20 Russia From Space

Russia From Space

These are photos of some industrial places in Russia from GoogleEarth. Each one has a
description.  Actually this one is without description. Some industrial thing.
7 Flight Across The Road

Flight Across The Road

This video would continue the flying theme. Now two Russian students take a light plane and
fly across the highway insulting the drivers. This happens near Moscow city.

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