Novorosiysk, Russia
14 Novorosiysk, Russia

Novorosiysk, Russia

The climate in Russia is cold, it's a well known fact, but how cold is it? A lot of people visit Black Sea in summer because it's the warmest place in Russia, just across the sea lies Turkey, the
pretty southern country. And this photo is taken in one of the Black Sea ports in winter. So the most southern part of Russia is just warm only if to compare to the rest part of Russia.
strange russian sculptures
6 Virtual Citizens of Crimea

Virtual Citizens of Crimea

Nobody knows who created them, but here they are, standing on the hills of Crimea. They have become a good company to take a photo with, but this doesn't explain their origin. A few groups of people stand around
one hill in Crimea, Ukraine, and nobody knows their author neither their purpose. Some of them sit around the table, some walk, some cook food, some dressed nicely and some are really scary.
russian man
24 Russian Man

Russian Man

These are photos of a Russian man. He wears Russian police
uniform also. He is not homeless, he is just Russian.
moscow tornado
17 Tornado in Moscow

Tornado in Moscow

A few days ago there was some pics of tornado on Black Sea (South of Russia). Now there are photos
of baby tornado in Moscow skies. It seems that it didn't grow to a real big tornado.
Mihail Khodorkovsky, 1992
12 Khodorkovsky, 1992

Khodorkovsky, 1992

Who is this guy? That's Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who used to be the richest man in Russia. He was worth of over $20 B, more than most famous Russian rich
guy Roman Abramovich. He was arrested and now in jail, some say for some political reasons. So here is how he looked back in 1992:
11 Share Your Bubble Gum

Share Your Bubble Gum

This is how Ukrainian prime minister shares some bubble gum with his colleagues
from Russia - Mr. Putin and Mr. Medvedev. Putin refuses to take some.
9 Russian Tough Guys

Russian Tough Guys

What do Russian tough guys do at night? They crash cars and fight. On the first video guys on Volga car smash at night other guy's BMW. Watch here:
And on this video, a few tough Russian guys quarrel and then start crashing windows on the Mercedes which belongs to other guys:
russian man drunk too much
15 Vodka And Yoga

Vodka And Yoga

It has been said that doing yoga is extremely helpful for the body health. One of the reasons for this is that yoga poses are very natural body positions and our body enjoys being in such a position, but the main problem to get this enjoyment feeling is to relief all the stress and
tension in our muscles. From the other side it’s known that vodka relaxes person to its maximum, and according to yoga one who relaxed can easily make complicated yoga exercises. This guy proves that our body is OK with yoga. Update: Some more asanas:
12 Russian Doctors Washing Hands in… Lavatory Pan!

Russian Doctors Washing Hands in… Lavatory Pan!

In Russia doctor’s get the lowest salaries, even if compared to guards or construction builders. Doctors in smaller cities are getting as low as $150-$250 MONTHLY! The hospitals in Russia are
government owned and all are dependant on government welfare, so most of them look awful. On this clip you can see how in another hospital doctors wash their hands in… lavatory pan!
10 Russian Police School

Russian Police School

We've seen already faces of Russian police in two parts. And now
we can see how do they study in Russian police school.

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