12 Russian Way to Swim

Russian Way to Swim

Posted on October 31, 2006 by team

Russian way to teach girlfriend swimming.


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12 Responses to “Russian Way to Swim”

  1. shturman says:

    99% that the girl just don’t won’t her hair wet ..

  2. ilyich says:

    I’m sure someone will interpret this video as “the guy being cruel, pulling her hair”– but clearly he is just trying to keep her hair dry.

    But WHY bother going swimming if you need your hair to stay dry?

  3. pr0 says:

    he just helped her to keep hair dry

  4. Vincent says:

    I think that he’s helping her to keep her hair dry too. But she looks so funny swimming with her hair hold by his boyfriend. Nice video, lol.

  5. dingo says:

    I thought that idea only could came from my sister!

  6. Noah Martin says:

    i always use Swimming as may daily exercise, it is much better than jogging and running*,*

  7. Isla Watson says:

    swimming is my favorite way of burning of those extra fats and calories”`*

  8. Maya Brooks says:

    what i do love about swimming is that it is fun and you can see lots of babes on the beach~’`

  9. Tub Chair  says:

    swimming keeps my body very fit and healthy, it is my way of developing strong muscles~`.

  10. swimming is my favorite way of exercising my body, it can really make your back shoulder muscles big and strong;”.

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