16 Moscow 1908

Moscow 1908

Posted on October 31, 2006 by team

That’s Moscow back from 1908. Same Russian snow, same Kremlin and same… Russian people.

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16 responses to “Moscow 1908”

  1. Sup4ik says:

    Awesome! How did you find it?

  2. varske says:

    Great video. But the people look so friendly, they haven’t yet been to the Soviet charm school!

  3. AntiRus says:

    Good times. That was when the Tsar ruled. The way Russia should’ve continued to be run.

  4. maxD says:

    Great !! You can only cry when you compare it to today’s Moscow – 14 lanes of traffic, pollution, nasty and selfcentered people…

  5. Acts_of_Atrocity says:

    You guys seem to have some pathalogical point about part of Russian history, called “Soviet Union”.

  6. Patrick says:

    Now thats the Russia we all love and remember from childhood. Great Thanks……

  7. Jay Vaughan says:

    A beautiful video .. it would be very interesting to do a modern-day interpretation of the same style, maybe even a full sync-edit of the same places and pitch it together ..

    And about the friendly Russians: I’ve known plenty of friendly and happy Russians, to be honest, and don’t go by “quick visits to a city where I don’t speak their language well” as a general rule of law .. but what we mustn’t forget about this video is that those were harsher times back then. I counted many missing teeth in all those not-so-innocent smiles.

  8. AntiRus says:

    What we need now are pics of Russian girls and lots of em!

  9. Anonymous Mouse says:

    Not to be a party pooper, but I question the authenticity of this clip.
    For one thing, A lot of the “background” buildings (like the Kremlin) look more like black and white paintings rather than actual video footage. Another point of concern is who had the time or willingness back in 1908 (let alone an affordable camera) to shoot over 7 minutes of footage of Moscow then? And what do those troop patrols do just walking about?

    A lot about this clip seems very very hard to beleive. Still an interesting look though.

  10. Voshod says:

    I live in Russia and for me was very interesting to watch this video. I’ve never saw such old videos. Thanks:)
    Yuriy P.

  11. Nigel Marvin says:

    Yeah, that’s real. It’s also included in this set of DVDs:


    Which is, presumably, where this clip came from. There are some very nice clips in that set, including one amazing documentary of the National Biscuit Company factory/town.

  12. darien says:

    Was that a statue of Lenin in Red Square (the on with the right hand outstrechted)? Lenin didn’t come to power until 1917 and they probably didn’t put statues of him until after he died in 1923.

  13. Flippy says:

    Bravo, Bravo, Bravo! Encore!

  14. darien says:

    Your right Chuwakk…

    Looked it up from some pics from last trip to Moscow and clear as day… there they are in front of Saint Basil’s Cathedral. Thanks for the correction.


  15. Jfontane says:

    FYI, the music in the background is Borodin’s “Steppes of Central Asia.”

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