24 Russian Man

Russian Man

Posted on October 27, 2006 by team

These are photos of a Russian man.

He wears Russian police uniform also.

He is not homeless, he is just Russian.

russian man

russian manrussian manrussian manrussian manrussian manrussian man

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24 Responses to “Russian Man”

  1. Anton says:

    cmon, you should really give more info when you post pictures like this.

  2. VladimirS (Rissia) says:

    No! He IS homeless!!!

  3. 4emist says:

    yeah it is clear that he is homeless. in russia it’s called “BOMJ” . And why did you thought that he is not homeless?

  4. Zoe says:

    This is ridiculous – this man is obviously homeless or an alcoholic with low standards of living. The fact that he wears a police uniform is meaningless. I find it offensive that you are trying to imply that this man represents normal way of life in Russian society.

  5. ilyich says:

    “he is not homeless, he is just Russian.”

    –that’s funny.

    very striking photos.

  6. Ivanupolo says:

    I have been to NYC several times. Do you think that in tha US there are no homeless people? Plenty of them!

  7. Flippy says:


    Communist or capitolist, there will be poor people everwhere and anywhere you go in this world. Jesus said that the poor will ALWAYS be with us. There is nothing you can do to completely get rid of poverty.

  8. Doug says:

    Alcohol & cigarettes can do this if taken in extreme amounts.
    I do not have the impression that this represents most men in Russia. However, I do have the impression that the Russian police would not appreciate him wearing one of their coats and would act accordingly in their own special way when they see him.

  9. Grisha says:

    What makes you think he’s not a policeman? They don’t really get paid, you know. Maybe he’s just an honest Russian cop who refuses to accept bribes.

  10. The Swede says:

    It’s easy to pity old homeless men, but in fact they as well have a life story, and often interesting at that. Who knows what background this man have, maybe he actually was a police officer but was sacked for being an alcoholist? Although the jacket looks a bit too big to actually be his.

  11. Kart says:

    He’s a typical Russian cop.

  12. 2 says:

    it’s not a police uniform, it’s just a label of police sewed to the jacket
    coast of that label is approx 15 rubels (50 cents)

  13. Egbert, I agree completely.

    What’s neither in English nor about Russia? EnglishRussia.com.

  14. W. Shedd says:

    Russian professionals like doctors and policemen? Since when is a cop a white collar job … even in the good ole’ US of A?

    It is pretty sad to see this old guy looking so worn out by life and being quite undignified. Dignity is generally a more important concept to Russians than to Americans (for sure) or even most Europeans.

    But then again, at least this didn’t show a Russian version of “Bum Fights”.

  15. francisco says:

    I’m been several times in Russian and I saw no policeman like this poor man.

    So this man is not a real cop in russia, at least by now. Policeman in Russian wears another kind of custome.

    So I don’t belive how a person with a minimal of interest or knowing about is speaking can belive that!!!

    Nowdays Russia is not a rich Country but is not as some people is trying to show here.

    I’m from spain and I would like to speak with more russian people because every people in this world has something worth to learn!

  16. ilyich says:

    who is that ugly, shrill woman in the room?

  17. Darek from Poland says:

    Probably it’s Jack Nicholson in new bestseller film ‘Russian homeless’.

  18. ilyich says:

    wait a minute. . .did LR use my comment to further her own agenda? Suddenly I feel all dirty.

    I imagine he is telling a story in the photos, we should put captions (in english, or russian, or whatever language you want), make storyboard.

  19. canadian says:

    There are more then 250 000 homeles people in Canada (32 million population). Visit downtown Toronto and I’ll show you the same, even more ugly photos. And can we say: “He is not homeless, he is just Canadian?”.

  20. nil8r says:

    If he were a Russian cop, he’d be a lot fatter. There are no honest Russian cops.

    And come on you guys, can’t believe you’re getting into a catfight over pictures of someone obviously a ‘bomzh’.


  21. SkyLynx says:

    Wait, I doubt that he’s a tr00 russian, where’s the vodka? lol

  22. Vlad says:

    If I see you on a streets Ima cut your throat

  23. texas tornado says:

    And let me guess….he’s only 30 years old. :)P

  24. DimaP says:

    “yeah it is clear that he is homeless. in russia it’s called “BOMJ””

    He is the vagabond (“BOMJ”).

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