9 Russian Tough Guys

Russian Tough Guys

Posted on October 24, 2006 by team

What do Russian tough guys do at night?

They crash cars and fight.

On the first video guys on Volga car smash at night other guy’s BMW. Watch here:

And on this video, a few tough Russian guys quarrel and then start crashing windows on the Mercedes which belongs to other guys:

So if you going to travel to Russia, be careful!

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9 Responses to “Russian Tough Guys”

  1. phope says:

    that guy PUNCHED the windows…wow strong dude

  2. Johan says:

    This site censor comments, you should always have insane views or anti-russian views, all my comments have been erased.

  3. renton says:

    And guys- take under condition that in russia cars like mercedes of that class is not a popular, cheap car. Such machines are for businessmen or … mafia. A small hint- businessman would rather not visit such place

  4. D says:

    Poor car. How could you destroy a BMW like that? It is inhumane to do something like that.
    And no offense but DC is filled with black people. That is why there are a lot of situations like this.

    Another thing. Most White Americans here are nothing but talk. So seeing something like this is not very commen.

  5. francisco says:

    wuau like it is said before, that’s things may happen not only in Russia. I’ve been in San Petersburgo few days ago and I see nothing completly extrange as I don’t see nothing completly extrange in my city in Spain.

    But I didn’t go so that kind of road’s bar.

    I love San Petersburgo and I will return to Russia as soon as I can.

  6. Oleg says:

    Russian Tough Guys

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