14 Russian Roads 7

Russian Roads 7

Posted on October 20, 2006 by team

We had some of Russian roads before, and today we have a small video what happens to Russian roads at winter.

This road is completely coated with ice, so drivers simply cannot stop, and this happens in the city, so all cars are have nothing to do than to slide and smack each other.

The quality of the video is low it was made by camphone, the guy shouts all the time: “Keep out! Keep out!”

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14 Responses to “Russian Roads 7”

  1. Xavi says:

    Russian bowling

  2. Flippy says:

    Contrary to the olde myth from immagrants of yore, Although they are not line with gold Americas streets in the winter are almost always ice free. Long live capitolism!

  3. katjusha says:

    i remember seeing a video clip from some american town with similar situation. sometimes ice is unpredictable. also such thing happened in city of rijeka in croatia :)

  4. Sauri says:

    Meantime, next winter is coming.. :)

  5. конюхъ says:

    in russian those situations are called “pizdets”

  6. Sasha says:

    It is black ice, it can happen anywhere and if they not put sand this can happen sometimes. I have not seen this myself many times but once or twice I get a bit of it and my car loose control. Not possible to break during such situation so you have to brace yourself, they say only possible to steer the car a bit into a direction untill u are out of the ice.

    Also it is because it’s a slope and water coming down then freeze during cold night and this happens. But I will say they do okay job on main streets with putting sand on road, but not always ofcourse.

  7. zurek says:

    i live in northeast USA and we have this problem every winter… you must have all wheel drive or your dead.

  8. Magnus says:

    And nobody goes up and warns the drivers, just watches them come. What a bunch of lazy russians.

  9. dRE says:

    “i remember seeing a video clip from some american town with similar situation”

    Me too. It was actually a pretty big city, but I forgot the name. It was funny how the americans were trying to stop their cars from sliding with their feet! :)

  10. Snow-Dog says:

    This happens all the time in the american northeast, even on roads WITH salt and sand. Especially people who drive 4 wheel drive vehicles and think they can ignore the ice.

  11. Observer says:

    4-wheel drive; Nonsense, all you need is winter tyres and proper speed for the situation.
    I live in Finland and half the year we have ice on the roads..

  12. Gonduras_native says:

    What you see is the cheapest car models in the country; obvioulsy owners dont have enough money for studded tires. Its been said countless number of times that studs are a must in Russia’s rural areas, obviously some people only learn on their mistakes.

  13. Обычный человек says:

    Usual road, we on such every winter go. Only it is good the caterpillar cross-country vehicle, instead of Zhigulis.

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