13 Vodka Bycicling

Vodka Bycicling

Posted on October 18, 2006 by team

It happened so that vodka topic today dominate.

Well it’s no surprise if you write about Russia that a lot of funny things are connected to vodka.

So this one is a prequel to the others, it explains how a person wants to drink if he carries so many bottles while riding a bycicle.

russian guy rides bike whith a lot of vodka

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13 Responses to “Vodka Bycicling”

  1. ilyich says:

    This reminds me. . . I recall after I graduated High School, we had a big party, and everyone got pretty drunk. . .and afterwards I saw a kid pedaling away on his bike, clearly very drunk and dangerous (swerving all over the road, nearly falling off the bike). . . and he was the president of the local chapter of “Students Against Drunk Driving”!!! (we got a good laugh over that, God forgive us).

  2. pavluxa says:

    The bottles don’t look like vodka bottles. It is either some wine or beer.

  3. Yuri says:

    It’s bicycling not bycicling :)
    What a picture!

  4. renton says:

    It is not vodka !!! This guy has a plenty of dalicious cheap vine, which by the way has nothing in commom with those expensive french/italian/spanish ones. Basicaly it is made of water, fruits like apple or cherry and fermentation accelerators (sulphur). I have no idea what is a price of those goodies in russia but in poland you may buy it for 1,5$ where price of 0,5 wodka is about 10$. So it is better to buy 4 such bottles of para-vine than small vodka

  5. Darek from Poland says:

    Rento, you are Polish who don’t know polish prices.
    Price of 0.5 litter of good vodka starts from $5.60 in big markets (Wyborowa – $6.5).

  6. 1l1 says:

    Subj author has addiction to alcohol and police – there is no any onther explaination why there are some many such topics

  7. renton says:

    Darek- but I didn’t lie about proce of chip vine ;) ! Besides- I don’t like big shop’s- my local, night shop is good enough. It is, so call, support of small, family based, enterprises (I bought one 0,5 yesterday and price was about 30 zloty which is about 8$)

    And came one- in rusia vodka is cheap as water ;)

  8. renton says:

    1/1 – author has a great knowledge about slovian countries. When you look trought russia,poland,slovakia, old yugoslavia it is always about drinking and police (I have no idea why but those two topics are somehow connected) ;)

  9. zurek says:

    ah, but you forgot the military and soviets!

    and mafia!

    all russia has going for it… :(

  10. fuutott says:

    This is actually the wine that he carries:


    A pure classic with sublime taste. If you ever visit Poland ask for “Tanie Wino” in a local store :D

  11. messiah from IVRP says:

    Everything OK – but this is not russian photo. This photo was made in Poland during time of making “Arizona” documentary movie. It;s no vodka, the guy carries cheap sweet wine. That kind alcohol is the most cost efficient way to get drunk in Poland.

  12. fikamar says:

    In Jakarta, 6 vodka replaced by… 6 kids

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