11 Another Russian Party

Another Russian Party

Posted on October 18, 2006 by team

When Russian people are drunk what do they do?

Sometimes they dance.

Look at another dance from some Russian party.


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11 Responses to “Another Russian Party”

  1. Patrick says:

    Well, these people seem to be having a grand time. I love good parties.

  2. Evgeny says:

    There’s always one at every party.

  3. antuan says:

    That dancing guy gives me the creeps… geez…

  4. kot says:

    he’s gay.

  5. made_in_ussr says:

    Looks like he took some bracing pill =) n1

  6. sasha says:

    He is brilliant!

  7. begemoto says:

    This man is not russian. He is from Belarus.

  8. macuache says:


  9. zurah says:

    this men is definetly cheating METH..

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