44 Russian Police Faces, Part 2

Russian Police Faces, Part 2

Posted on October 12, 2006 by team

This post is some kind of the second part of Russian Police faces shot across Russian cities.

If you haven’t seen the previous post on the subject you can view it here under “Russian Police”.

All the photos are real, shot by people on the streets, submitted by different visitors.

Some photos are by Rullon Oboev.

Most of the photos are from Moscow city. People complain in Moscow that the police in the city consist mostly of the people who came from other more poor parts of Russia, thus these are not faces of Moscow but faces of Russia. Yes, people in Moscow always think that Moscow is some sort of other country. Country in the country. And that’s true – it has been said that 90% of Russian money are circulating inside Moscow city, and 90% of these 90% are in the Moscow downtown.

shots of russian police people made on streets of russia while travel to russia

So if you go travel to Russia this is a short map of the policemen you might meet.

shots of russian police people made on streets of russia while travel to russia

Everybody is admired by the beauty of Russian girls. Even Russian cops. Even Russian dog!

shots of russian police people made on streets of russia while travel to russia

May I take a little nap please?


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44 Responses to “Russian Police Faces, Part 2”

  1. dRE says:

    The faces on some photos are clearly Photoshoped.
    And the “Southerner” guy looks completely drunk (or high), dirty and not wearing pants – I don’t suppose anyone is allowed to look like that on the streets of western countries?? Also, most of these photos are taken from other websites where they were published first.

  2. anonymous coward says:

    why r russian women so hot and russian men are not. n o wonder they want to leave russia!

  3. Srbin says:

    All of you who don’t LOVE RUSSIA – blow me.

    • natsumi tsujimoto says:

      what are you talkin about i love russia ive been to st pete novokuznetsk and moscow and as for blowing you NYET!!

  4. Alex says:

    Oh, policeman are human being too… it surprises you?

  5. Jacket says:

    photos from russian humor sites.

    “Rullon Oboev” is like first and second name, but it means “roll of wallpaper”.

  6. Urgat says:

    to Huffer
    do you mean uniform cap or winter hat???
    1. in army there is a feature to make hall part of a cap higher (like german officers had in WW2) and winter hat… it’s very warm to bi in it in -30 degree below 0.

    to coward
    our expirienced policemans (not cursants) more like americans police (i’m about weight ;))).

  7. dRE says:

    “why r russian women so hot and russian men are not. n o wonder they want to leave russia!”

    Well, ’cause they just don’t know that over on your side, pretty much everyone is ugly. ;)

  8. Ronin says:

    Oksana Fedorova, Militia officer from St.-Petersburg. Miss Universe-2002

  9. Diamond says:

    LOL@first picture…
    New pack of ‘smiles’ for ICQ =))

  10. Doug says:

    The picture labled “some bad news?” gives me the impression that the male officer is about to shrug in puzzlement. Maybe he was just turned down for a date by the frowning woman, or maybe he can’t understand why the topic being discussed by the group of women is so important.

  11. Dave says:

    A bit off the subject here, but is there, or has there ever been any thought that Russia will return the part of Karalia that Finland ceded after the Winter War of 1939/41?

  12. Aateveli says:

    There hasn’t actually been any actions nor initiatives of requesting back the lost parts of the former Finland.

    It’s a complicated thing really. The issue hasn’t really been brought up in our foreign politics, because it would be a bit out of our line of political correctness towards Russia. For decades our diplomacy has used to be a quite conforming and cautious to the East.

    The returning of the Karelia with all of its current poorness and corruption would be quite a mess to be received, though.

  13. Johnik says:

    Thank you all for pictires!
    I had a real fun.
    But, you know, there are some more funny pictures in the Web about our police.

    From Russia

  14. dr luck says:

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  15. Igor says:

    Igor wanted to be a police man, but he had to much education tobe one and was turned down, so not im a truck piolit.

  16. marina says:

    this so cool, not realy

  17. [...] America, this was the last place I thought I would find it.  But there is one.  I learned that Russian police have such meager salaries that they seek to fatten their wallets by harassing tourists for money.  [...]

  18. Lorenze says:

    Very fun photos . Our’s police men peoples too . About our’s girls i think girl’s in “western world” mutch ugly . In the Western world countries, the big problem with excess weight. I even so will tell in the same Moscow less than beautiful girls than in country towns, I do not know with what it is connected) but in the same Samara or Penza beauties is simple almost every third, was not unitary in Moscow and God grant one beautiful on 20-50 met I will see. And about the western countries I am silent, was in Germany its nightmare, so much terrible girls I anywhere did not see, friends living in the USA speak so “till 18 years still it is possible to meet pretty, after 18 years one crocodiles and hippopotamuses of a female”

  19. Serghei says:

    well, these images are just selected photos from russian fun sites.

  20. Az says:

    Huffer, you are absolutely right! But that is the situation not only with hats. The same is with everything. Just look how they brink they hats – carelessly, the same way army does. The same way is looking the armament… and everything else!
    I am not Russian, I am Bulgarian but here the Army and the Police were and are the same and I hate that from the time I was a child.
    It is mudlarkness.

  21. NN1NN says:

    не че стотейка :)

  22. [...] – Cabral Ibacka cu imagini funny ale politistilor rusi. (cabral.ro – Born 2 B militian). Nu mai conteaza faptul ca aceste imagini au aparut pe blogurile rusesti inca de prin 2006. Corect? [...]

  23. Rich says:

    Whole bunch of grown up fetal alcohol syndrome in that set

  24. russoturisto says:

    You’re pathetic! Edmonton, Ukraina? Edmonton prosto galimi gorod v Alberte, i da, tam jivut neskolko tisyach etnicheskih Ukraincev i vse. Pizdec, ty debil!

  25. Pete says:

    A nice collection of ordinary people in uniform.

    Could be any country on earth.

    (… and could someone please muzzle that Nazi sycophant “eric” )

  26. Alex says:

    The best thing about Russia is that most girls are hot. And since there are so many girls, compared to men, every fat ugly man can easily get a glamorous girl, no problem. And that is why if you consider chasing girls to be the goal of your life, there’s no other place like Russia.

    Also, Russian girls are much more approachable and friendly, unlike the western feminists. They are also very much girly girls, not like the butch stick up westerners.

  27. Aleksei says:

    I live in Samara and I should say that Russian militia is very unique, there is no equivalent in the whole world, they do not do there job, because laws in russia are very strict and there are too many people breaking the law almost all russians do that and it’s impossible to arrest all law breakers, that’s why militioners are just having fun working, they do all they want cuz’ they have a lot of power, for example when I was 14, me and my friends bought 5 litres of beer, we met a militioner, he took 2 litres and let us free… funny isn’t it??

  28. tiit says:

    in russia there is no police its called militia

  29. Ihtschau Ihn says:

    Russian women worth raping!

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  31. Lexa says:

    Ok, I will tell you why.
    Russian population hates their cops (they call them MENTs). Same way as concentration camp prisoners hate their gards. Ments are not protecting nobody, they are same as criminals and work together with criminals. That is why there is a natural selection – normal russian man will never go to be a MENT. Who would join a group of people hated by the rest of population? That is why they are all ugly.

    Btw, Rulon Oboev is a pack of wallpaper, but it also sound like a valid Chechen first and last name. Compare: Ramzan Kadyrov (President of Chechen Republic), Magomed Evloev, Rulon Oboev… For any Russian person it would sound very funny :)))

  32. Ihtschau Ihn says:

    Russians are dirty, they just can’t remain clean! Germans and Japanese can:)

  33. Aboozar says:

    اگر بتونن حجاب رو رعایت کنن واقعا مخشر میشن.

  34. progy says:

    oh, Ihtschau Ihn, not only that.
    russians could be called one of cleanest nation. we always loved “banya”, don’t know how in english bath, sauna.., when europe kings were dirty and smelly XD

  35. [...] autorzy wypowiadają się obiektywnie, czasem tłumacząc o co chodzi w Dniu Spadochroniarza czy powszechnej niechęci do milicjantów. Na pewno ten blog ma listę stałych czytelników, którzy zostawiają pod każdym wpisem [...]

  36. Viaduck says:

    And you can tell me more? thanks in advance.

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  41. lol. these photos made my day! thanks

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