15 Klichko’s House

Klichko’s House

Posted on October 9, 2006 by team

Probably many of us have heard about Klichko, the Ukrainian Russian speaking boxer, who won a lot of fights in USA.

For example like this one:

Ukrainian Russian speaking boxer Klichko

We have been sumbitted a photos of his new house is being built in Ukraine.

Now we can take a look. The style of the house is more like classic after Soviet houses – red brick etc.

Klichko House

Klichko House

Klichko House

If you are interested you can learn more about Klichko and his brother Klichko, also a boxer, on this website (in English)

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15 Responses to “Klichko’s House”

  1. 4emist says:

    i doubt that it is his house. But it is only my opinion

  2. dRE says:

    So what? Cool house! He has enough money to build that.
    Besides, Belgium is full of red brick houses… hmm, I wonder why it’s like that? ;)

  3. 4emist says:

    no i mean he have enough money to build much more expensive house. Being world famous boxer

  4. Patrick says:

    Out of all the Heavy Weight Champions, he is the man. He has it all,style,knowledge and power. It will take one hell of a fighter to beat him..

  5. Adam says:

    Great boxer, great house, great life.

  6. Adam says:

    I love this guy!

  7. Cain says:

    Russian guy hitting a black guy… Kinda’ makes me hate russia that much more.

  8. fromukrainewithlove says:

    to cain: so you’re a racist then??

    you know people like you make racists out of people.
    you act as if black and white people are different…so you wil be treated like that.

    i have black friends,and i treat them as people not as ”black” people.

  9. yuri g says:

    he’s not racist and speaks many launguages and accomplished alot, a well respected man. building a great big house many wish they could have the same.

  10. yuri says:

    his brother built a school for children in africa, i dont think he wouldve done that if he was racist.

  11. Yuri says:

    his brother built a school for children in africa , i dont he would do that if he was so racist. box is just a sport.

  12. Гэри says:

    what a great punch!! я не люблю черны парень

  13. Neka says:

    ….Vladimir is White,Vitali is Black,I like both of it,but…….I love the White.:)))

  14. johnny says:

    In Germany, he appears in about every second tv spot (he speaks german).

    PS: I love how the anti-spam control makes me type “stalin” :D

  15. Maksym says:

    I use to live in ukraine and watch you win.YOUR THE BEST

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