17 Klichko’s House

Klichko’s House

Posted on October 9, 2006 by team

Probably many of us have heard about Klichko, the Ukrainian Russian speaking boxer, who won a lot of fights in USA.

For example like this one:

Ukrainian Russian speaking boxer Klichko

We have been sumbitted a photos of his new house is being built in Ukraine.

Now we can take a look. The style of the house is more like classic after Soviet houses – red brick etc.

Klichko House

Klichko House


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17 Responses to “Klichko’s House”

  1. 4emist says:

    i doubt that it is his house. But it is only my opinion

  2. dRE says:

    So what? Cool house! He has enough money to build that.
    Besides, Belgium is full of red brick houses… hmm, I wonder why it’s like that? ;)

  3. 4emist says:

    no i mean he have enough money to build much more expensive house. Being world famous boxer

  4. Patrick says:

    Out of all the Heavy Weight Champions, he is the man. He has it all,style,knowledge and power. It will take one hell of a fighter to beat him..

  5. Adam says:

    Great boxer, great house, great life.

  6. Adam says:

    I love this guy!

  7. Cain says:

    Russian guy hitting a black guy… Kinda’ makes me hate russia that much more.

  8. fromukrainewithlove says:

    to cain: so you’re a racist then??

    you know people like you make racists out of people.
    you act as if black and white people are different…so you wil be treated like that.

    i have black friends,and i treat them as people not as ”black” people.

  9. yuri g says:

    he’s not racist and speaks many launguages and accomplished alot, a well respected man. building a great big house many wish they could have the same.

  10. yuri says:

    his brother built a school for children in africa, i dont think he wouldve done that if he was racist.

  11. Yuri says:

    his brother built a school for children in africa , i dont he would do that if he was so racist. box is just a sport.

  12. Гэри says:

    what a great punch!! я не люблю черны парень

  13. Neka says:

    ….Vladimir is White,Vitali is Black,I like both of it,but…….I love the White.:)))

  14. jay says:

    what a house! wow. having quite a passion for seeing nice houses and place. i should admit this place in the pic is something. seems so relaxing to look at, not much on the architectural side of it but the view of the environment is really cool. http://www.startingyourownonlinebusiness.com/board-and-batten.html

  15. johnny says:

    In Germany, he appears in about every second tv spot (he speaks german).

    PS: I love how the anti-spam control makes me type “stalin” :D

  16. Maksym says:

    I use to live in ukraine and watch you win.YOUR THE BEST

  17. Maksym says:

    I use to live in ukraine and watch you. YOUR THE BEST

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