14 Another Russian Music Video

Another Russian Music Video

Posted on October 6, 2006 by team

Here is another Russian music video.

The band’s name is “VIAGRA”. Some may say it’s Ukrainian band, some – it’s a Georgian singer Meladze, but in general it’s a Russian pop band “VIAGRA”.

And this is a short remake of this music video:

Not so nice, but just we need to be objective!

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14 Responses to “Another Russian Music Video”

  1. Patrick says:

    Hey nice video. Meladez is a star in his own right. I have several of his cd’s and video’s. The girls that travel and back him on stage are in fact 3 new ladies that called themselvs Viagra until a recent legal battle with a drug company in the US put a stop to it. Why they would try to stop it is a good question. They have changed their name . All of the orginal ladys have gone on to other things. You can find more videos of both on you tube.

  2. turbo says:

    Hi there!
    I really like the first 20 or so seconds (the “original” one)
    Is there any way for you to find out what’s the name of the song and where I can get it?
    thanks in advance

  3. ski88er says:

    VIA GRA is a Russian band nevertheless all the girls are foem Ukraine

  4. NIMpBUS says:

    Great video! Thank you.

  5. Xavi says:

    Well, that blonde chick stills being a VIA GRA girl. About the two collegues, who knows, maybe they’ve quit or maybe still being VIA GRA members (nowadays surgery is so developed).

    Patrick is right, they changed their name: VIAGRA -> VIA GRA.

  6. chaosgone says:

    Great video! I did some looking on the web, and the singer is on myspace at: http://www.myspace.com/vmeladze

    The band has a web page at: http://www.meladze.ru/

  7. nixen says:

    V. Meladze ft. ViaGra – “Tri reki”
    (Меладзе и ВиаГра – Три реки)

  8. 4emist says:

    why doesn’t anyone comment on the remake? =)

  9. Patrick says:

    Oh yea, the remake is funny. I like the dog,he kind of steals the show..

  10. chaosgone says:

    The remake was funny!

  11. made_in_ussr says:

    Ha_ha-ha-ha LOL!!!! Nice 1 !!!

  12. Cy says:

    Viagra is still a big pop act in Russia. Two of those girls are still in the act (they have one new one). I see their new videos on TV every day.

  13. RussianHools says:

    Hahahahahahahhahahah, great boys))))))
    Жгут парни))))))

  14. DAVID MENGES says:

    I was the “Piano Man” in a Russian Music Video a few months ago. We filmed it in Mescal (Arizona). When is the video going to come out? I would like a copy.


    David Menges

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