16 A Russian Village Deep in The North

A Russian Village Deep in The North

Posted on October 6, 2006 by team

This are photos by Alexandre Korolkov from Russian village “Ustje”.

This village is remarkable. It is located on the far north of Russia, it’s much closer to American Alaska than to any major Russian cities. Temperatures there don’t get higher than 30-40 Fahrenheit even in the summer!

Four hundred years ago a group of Russian people flew far away to North in order to avoid death from the Tsar Ivan. They settled there and those people on the photos – direct descendants.

They lived 400 years among Russian Eskimos people but didn’t assimilate and saved their traditions and Russian language.
russia village ustje, far away north

russia village ustje, far away northrussia village ustje, far away north


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16 Responses to “A Russian Village Deep in The North”

  1. ilyich says:

    HA– i like that guys duck decoys, so unrealistic (if that’s what they truly are).

  2. People Surviving on a Far Far North (photos)…


  3. Ross says:

    Wow! Amazing!

  4. Finnmerchant says:

    I wonder if the “fridge” is EU approved

  5. made_in_ussr says:

    There is no need to get to the far North to see a picture like that. It’s enough to make about 300 kms from Moscow in any direction and you will find thousands villages like that.

  6. D says:

    I think they are free because they don’t have any access to what we have. Such as the internet.

  7. Brianna says:

    The kid in the “Kino” picture is so cute!

  8. jurgen says:

    OMG …

    I though ppl live like that only in africa!

  9. Ash says:

    Now these are real people. Not pansies like our current internet generation.

  10. Skirmantas says:

    Now that is really hard times living…

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  12. cheromory says:

    they are seperated comunity and survived surrounding by nature … far away to the north but they have many boats to catch the fish.

  13. Boxy says:

    Harmony with nature? Did you see heaps of oil drums lying around? What about the fact that their houses are all made of wood? See any trees? Anywhere? even on the shot that shows the horizon?

    I think you have a pretty loose idea of what nature is.

  14. nightkraawler says:

    do they know Ivan the Terrible is dead? …come on! dont look at my comment like that! maybe they never asked, and nobody ever told them …. what?

    now that is a terrible dude…when he terrified people they ran until there was nowhere alse to run…
    It would be interesting to know who the ancestors were(royals, commoners,religious outcasts)… and lastly …how did they “fly ” …. yes ..I know it was fled.

  15. GREK says:

    Amazing Respect!

  16. DimaP says:

    It not village, and settlement in a taiga. It is far from cities and there there live so-called eremites.

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