32 Shawarma Condoms

Shawarma Condoms

Posted on October 5, 2006 by team

It has been submitted to us that in Russia there are now condoms are been sold with the “Shawarma” flavour.

Shawarma (or shwarma, shawerma, or shoarma) is the Arabic meat dish, well known all around the world.

russian condom with a shawarma flavour

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32 Responses to “Shawarma Condoms”

  1. at says:

    obviously this is fake

  2. ski88er says:

    such silly design is not for a product for sale.

    Good enough for voffka.com etc but not for a serious internet resource.

    This article should have a title like “My first experiences in Adobe Photoshop”.

  3. Patrick says:

    This is very good stuff. It is like a steak sandwich rolled up. Very good with a cold beer.

  4. Bert says:

    You’re talking about shoarma, right? Just checking ;-)

  5. ski88er says:

    well, actually it is called шаурма (sha-oo-rma) in Moscow or шаверма (sha-ver-ma) in St-Pete.

  6. ski88er says:

    well, actually it is called shaurma in Moscow and shaverma in St.Pete.

  7. Bert says:

    Like ‘pizza’ is named ‘пизза’ in one place and ‘пицца’ in the other? I was surprised by that when I went to Russia, in Holland spelling is very standardized across the nation.

  8. W. Shedd says:

    Yep, photoshop joke and fake

  9. 1l1 says:

    good appetite

  10. Hitman says:

    Where are they sold? :)

  11. Proctofantasmist says:

    “well, actually it is called шаурма (sha-oo-rma) in Moscow or шаверма (sha-ver-ma) in St-Pete.”

    “shaurmA” in UAE and Iran, but in Turkey it called “shavErma”

  12. dRE says:

    Definately fake. I saw exact same picture but with “Spartak” football club logo on it and a sign – “Spartak – gondon”. :)

  13. 4emist says:

    yep, some joke.

  14. Xavi says:

    My babushka is more skillful with Photoshop !

    PS: Do a favor to this blog: don’t post such kind of stuff or whatever is ‘submitted’ to you.

  15. dRE says:

    Hmm, Admin is apparatly erasing my comments and links to other websites. How democratic of you.

  16. dRE says:

    Interesing, your comment seems to contain a link and it’s here, nobody’s erased it, but mine was deleted twice already.
    I think the reason is simple – I was giving a link to another entertainment website which shows REAL Russia as opposed to this propagandistic trash. This act just proves what I’ve said about so-called “democratic ideals” of the West.

  17. 4emist says:

    - “I don’t see how making a joke about Russian food has anything to do with “Russian extinction” ”


  18. W. Shedd says:

    LR is a fake and bigot. She certainly isn’t living in Russia as she implies here and the last address on any of her internet posts was Allentown, Pennyslvania on a silly letter to the editor of the Moscow Times.

    She certainly doesn’t speak or read Russian with any skill whatsoever, as her language mistakes when she tries to write in Russian are quite comical.

    As any causal reader can see – even her English skills are questionable.

  19. W. Shedd says:

    “Name some dishes which are developed by americans and which are famous and beloved all around the world. ~ 4emist”

    The waffle ice cream cone. Coca-cola. Popcorn.

    Actually, American cuisine is probably the most varied of any in the world. You associate it with McDonalds and KFC, because those are the fast-food chains that have been exported. But actually those places aren’t very representative of American cuisine.

  20. Marius says:

    As for me, I like Italian food much more than Russian. :))

  21. ilyich says:

    American cuisine: southern-fried chicken, gumbo, jambalaya, texas barbeque, New England (or Manhattan) clam chowder, Boston baked beans, Boston cream pie, Chicago “deep-dish” pizza, Philly cheese-steak, Denver omlette, sourdough bread, corn bread, jalapeno poppers, baked Alaska, peanut-butter sandwiches, peanut butter cookies, (actually peanut-butter ‘anything’), coffee-milk, pumpkin pie, stuffed turkey, . . . . ok, enough, that was all from memory, but if you read this you’ll see lots more:


  22. dRE says:

    Emm… to me that’s not really cuisine. “Texas barbeque”? Is that a dish or just a way to cook meat? Ok, then let’s make a new dish called “Datcha barbeque” in Russia! “Chicago “deep-dish” pizza”?? Pizza – that’s an interesting example of american cuisine to me. “Corn bread”? “Peanut-butter sandwiches”?? “Coffee-milk”??? Oh yeah, and the omelette… Do you guys actually have dishes there or is “American cuisine” just one giant fast-food?

  23. b says:

    don´t forget the nachos

  24. 6oPbKa says:

    my favorite condoms

  25. i love Italian Food specially those juicy pastas. They are really delicious.’~’

  26. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along.
    I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading.Nice blog,I will keep visiting this blog very often.

  27. Melanie Long says:

    what i like about italian food is the pasta and spaghetti. they are so yummy””

  28. italian foods are so damn hot and spicy that is why i love it so much,”`

  29. Socket Set : says:

    what i like about italian food is the tomato sauce and pasta*`:

  30. i just love to much italian foods because of italian spices and juicy sauces ::

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