19 Russian Wedding 2

Russian Wedding 2

Posted on October 3, 2006 by team

This is another Russian wedding.

Now with video.


Source on Russian


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19 Responses to “Russian Wedding 2”

  1. Cheshire_d0g says:

    Under the “Source on Russian” link this thing is in the funclips section with the “No more drinking for that guy” title.

  2. Publius says:

    We have those here, but they’re called homoerotic drunken frat parties.

  3. Kosmonaut says:

    hahaha, poor girl

  4. made_in_ussr says:

    That was a standart entertainment which a toast-masters like to use on the wedding parties…. I saw that many times… it’s fun. And I know 100% that girls are always shy and boys are full of zeal making that action =)

    p.s. I didn’t ever visit a “homoerotic drunken frat party”, so I can’t compare…. please tell us more about them Publius?

  5. tsb says:

    Do you really think it’s a drunker? Poor guys… Have you ever been on a really funny weddings? It’s only entertainment and it’s not connected with alcohol.

  6. Alex says:

    Lol, who cares in a wedding and totally drunk xD

  7. maxa says:

    I know there is one more popular russian weddings trick – when a bride sit on a chair with wide open legs on a floor and a suiter must roll a orange in this drides legs “gate” by bottle attached to his strap from behind. Suiter make the same back-and-forth motions. And there is more funny when bridesmaid and suiters friend make this trick also, so suiter and suiters friend are competing who have “scored a goal” faster.

  8. anna says:

    the girl is a a beauty!

  9. VAN HECKE says:


  10. renton says:

    similar parties you have in Poland. I think that all slovian countries have such sick sense of humor. I love it anyway. Wherever I go in eastern europe I can freely comunicate with my “slovian” brothers- most important is to drink enough to conversate.

  11. Oleg says:

    So what? There are a lot of competitions on russian weddings. Don’t judge the country for some people’s choice… Not all of us are thet liberated as these people are.

  12. skybit says:

    so, funny…
    PS with love from russia

  13. BK says:

    Russian People have some wiled weddings and trdidtions. I almost married a Russian Girl but nothing came to light and we found are selves more or less beter off as friends.

  14. Remek says:

    Totalna żenada i upadek.

  15. majk says:

    Remek, sam jesteś żenada.

    What is the point of that “banging”? How many times has he to hit that metal plate?

  16. MUSTAFA says:

    very good very nice
    hayranım rusyaya kültürüne doğa şartlarına keşke gidip gezme imkanım olsa

  17. taison says:

    viskas normaliai tik nereikejo gale draugeliu dulkint.

  18. Martin Jana says:

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