18 Russian Road Police Vodka

Russian Road Police Vodka

Posted on October 3, 2006 by team

One Vodka factory owner traveled a lot across Russia.

Wherever he was going he met a lot of Russian Road Police “GAI”, or “GIBDD”. He paid thousands roubles of penalties, all right on the site, as a direct to the policemen who stopped him.

And once he was scared so much after seeing these guys:
Russian Road Police GAI GIBDD

That a brilliant idea has come to him. He decided to start making a “Road Police Vodka”. The vodka that would help insulted Russian drivers to relax after their driving experience.

He didn’t want to delay the production of this new brilliant product so he just got off to the nearest highway and went as fast as he could.

Finally he got stopped by a road patrol – yes he was ready to pay the bribe right on place. All he wanted is to make a photo that he would use on his new Vodka Bottle.

So he made this photo:
Russian Road Police GAI GIBBD with a speed radar

Then he came back to his office, called a secretary, gave her a memory card with a photo and ordered: “We are now making a break-through market solution – Russian Road Police Vodka”.

And the production started, and people started buying.

So now it’s possible to buy a bottle of a Road Police Vodka in Russian stores. With that old photo he made on the nearest highway:

russian vodka devoted to russian road police GAI

That is the story.


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18 responses to “Russian Road Police Vodka”

  1. ppp-o-e says:

    Ha-Ha !

    The picture is a frame from popular Russian-Ukraian TV Show – “Masky show”

    Take a look at their site:

  2. someone says:

    First photo is from comedy show.

  3. Бляхухоль says:

    The first photo is from famous in xUSSR TV-Show “Masks-Show”.

  4. dRE says:

    Yep, on the first photo are actors from popular in USSR and Russia comedy “Maski-Show”. In the car you can see Boris Barsky – http://www.maski.com.ua/barski/foto_bar.html – and the “crippled” guy is Vladimir Komarov – http://komarov.odessa.ua/foto.htm

  5. 4emist says:

    yeah, true about first photo- i remember MASKI SHOW!!

  6. made_in_ussr says:

    “Mask Show” rules…. above story is prank =)


  7. Robert says:

    Is the actor outside the car meant to have that moustache to mock the Police as Little Hitlers?

    In the UK some people whistle Colonel Bogey (Hitler has only got one ball) when they pass a Traffic Warden (hands out parking tickets).

  8. dRE says:

    made_in_ussr: I think we can manage it on our own, although it will take some time. Meanwhile, relax and try to make something useful with your own life.

  9. John Doe says:

    I know policeman in the first image – it stands with the radar on the departure from Saint Petersburg along The mosskovskomu highway:))) Money not pick, only pure alcohol.

  10. dRE says:

    made_in_ussr: The only thing that I can suggest to you is: (1) adapt to the life as it is right now, most people have done it and feel fine; (2) move to live in Europe or USA, where you think you won’t have these problems – but I can assure you, you’ll have all sorts of other problems (I work in Western Europe and see it every day).

    So the moral is – wherever you live, you have all kinds of problems, simply because that’s what LIFE is!

    By the way, the police in Russia don’t charge you money for nothing – if you made mistake, then you have to pay. I never had any problems with them, because I try to drive carefully. But given the amount of drunk drivers and accidents in the country, it’s no wonder everyone complains about the police.

  11. made_in_ussr says:

    (1)(2) agreed!!!

    regarding Russian police – I can’t agree. I have faced with them and their methods personally. Sorry…

  12. AmericaH8sU! says:

    its joke nor true

  13. Oleg says:

    these photos were taken from one of the pages with a lot of funny pictures on them

  14. tesaxi says:

    Common guis!There ara lot’s of pictures from Russian comedy show, which is name “The Mask show”, for example tipsy policmen near by a car..You can’t beliv it!!

  15. exUSSR says:

    Thats not truth…

  16. jeans says:

    the truth begins to rise

  17. DimaP says:

    “First photo is from comedy show.”

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