20 Russian IT Calendar Styled to Soviet Posters

Russian IT Calendar Styled to Soviet Posters

Posted on October 3, 2006 by team

This is a calendar published in Russia.

It was styled to old style Soviet posters but with IT thematic.

Also a poetic slogans are added to each image styled to Soviet era drive poetry.

russian it calendar styled to soviet posters

“I don’t visit any more rally!
Now the webcam is my ally!”

This thing on the table is “Samovar”. It was a traditional Russian water boiler for making a tea.

russian it calendar styled to soviet posters

“You’ll get a full house
If you’ll get yourself an optic mouse!”
russian it calendar styled to soviet posters

“Tough guys are now not from Denver (Sever)
Tough guys now have a good server!”


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20 Responses to “Russian IT Calendar Styled to Soviet Posters”

  1. Cheshire_d0g says:

    Your rhymed translation is excellent ^_^

  2. Kosmonaut says:

    haha, good work, you are progressing with respect to russians. keep that working right way

  3. Leo Petr says:

    I would translate “miting” as “meeting”, not “rally”. For example:

    At meetings I no longer fidget
    Through my webcam I now bridge it

    Also, “klaviatura” is very definitely “keyboard”, not “spinner”.


  4. Robert says:

    Kudos on the rhyming translations!

    Of course it’s less accurate, but hey, who cares, it’s well done.

  5. Ignatich says:

    impressive translations!

  6. xxx-bad says:

    I suspect that “North” (“Sever”, “Север”) is a brand of cigarettes, a little finer than typical proletarian “Belomor”.

    “Don’t show off your loosy “Camel”
    Tough guys today have a powerful server!”

  7. Urgat says:

    север имелся в виду балтфлот :))) т к там матросик бычит на айтишника

  8. dewlinaz says:

    Translation is very poor.
    Calendar is great!

  9. spacedoggy says:

    “Want to be in a progress stream?
    Buy a printer and eat the cream!”

    Translation is very bad. It should be.

    Want to be in stream of progress?
    Buy a printer for the interest

    I know it sounds better when it rhymes but when you translate it incorrectly it just doesnt make sense.

  10. Igor says:

    Translation is not word-by-word, but it is perfect!

  11. talking beaver says:

    COOL posters!!! :)

  12. Reider says:

    Yeah, posters’re the great.. but it’s not for translation imho

  13. supman says:

    Great work! Excelent translation, keep on like that!

  14. Ms. Kovalyova says:

    I love the stylized art, very interesting.

  15. Kate Stall says:

    Admiring the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed information you offer! Thumbs up! Please visit my 2010 calendars site for return :)

  16. It is a I enjoy a few of the articles which were written, and especially the comments posted! I am going to come back!

  17. Liam David says:

    It is a I adore many of the articles that have been written, and especially the comments posted! I’ll come back!

  18. Affiliate says:

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  19. The reason a lot of rallies don’t work nowadays is because people have so many “virtual rallies” across the internet. Look at Facebook and all it’s groups that are presumabely intended to fight a good cause. They’re rubbish, pointless, nobody takes any notice of them. People just join a group and like to think it’s doing some good when it’s not. The first translation, about the webcam being the rally, is very true!

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