24 Beer Crash

Beer Crash

Posted on October 1, 2006 by team

What happens when Russian roads meet a truck fully loaded with bottles of beer?

Probably the shipping company owner was trying to save a lot on the quality of his trucks, thus letting this happen.

The truck simply broke apart while driving, letting all the bottles get out of it and fell over all the road.

russian truck crashes pile of beerrussian truck crashes pile of beerrussian truck crashes pile of beerrussian truck crashes pile of beerrussian truck crashes pile of beer

russian truck crashes pile of beerrussian truck crashes pile of beerPhotos http://avt0.com/

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24 responses to “Beer Crash”

  1. Alexandre says:

    there are things that only happens in Russia…and Brazil ;o)

  2. Patrick says:

    Oh no, these things happen all over the world. What a waste of very good drinkable beer. It makes a very sticky mess on the roads.

    • serviving says:

      No the other truck just going a bit faster slightly caught the right side of the beer truck going slower peeling the side forward .
      Shifting loads do not peel the side of a truck like that.

  3. Dimon says:

    Probably he turned suddenly and cargo shifted to one side.

  4. Flying Finn says:

    Whoa, gentlemen. I’ve seen this kind of disaster also here in Finland.
    Perfectly fine and very drinkable beer is wasted. It’s just so sad…

  5. Anton says:

    Why no the duty crying about BAD BAD BAD RUSSIAN ROADS here? I miss it yet.

  6. ilyich says:

    what brand of beer is that? is it any good?

  7. Anton says:

    It’s “T” brand beer. Just a common light beer in fact.

  8. W. Shedd says:

    Yeah, it does look like a pallet tipped over inside the truck. It wouldn’t seem like an unusually Russian situation though. I even questioned if it was in Russia

  9. Robert says:

    Alcohol Abuse! Save it quick!

  10. Kos says:

    to admin
    your blog became much better without derogotary to russians topics. now it is funny even for us. try to find and post smth really interesting about Russia. cheers

  11. From Finland says:

    Probably due to bad roads.

  12. Marius says:

    It is “T” – just regular cold-filtered beer -not good, not bad, and “Tinkoff” – really good beer.

  13. dRE says:

    These pictures were first posted on the Russian website – http://www.fishki.net – about 2 months ago. The admin of this site just steals other people’s stuff without mentioning where he got it from.


  14. Samsonoff says:

    T- is a trademark of beer actually produced by Tinkoff brewery and it is the so-called budget beer. Costs around 1 USD per bottle
    As for Tinkoff- I agree- this is the very good beer. For me- best beer in Russia.

  15. Technic says:

    It happens near 30 meters from Road Police (DPS) control post. I think that Policemen was happy!

  16. ambientFLIER says:

    Oh yes, that road is AWFUL !!! … WORST ROAD IN THE WORLD!!! Not. God, I’m so sick of this Russian bashing.

  17. Gilgamesh says:

    I have a different interpretation of the accident. It looks like the red truck on the right hit the right back corner of the trailer and sheared it off. That’s why the right side is all crumpled forward. Then the cases spilled all over the road.

  18. BarSUCHok says:

    It’s simply a black-PR act to promote “T” brand in a russian style. PREVED KROSAVCHEGI БУГАГА

  19. John Randall says:

    nice info thanks for writing, hope you had a fantastic new year.

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  21. Riley Cooper says:

    alchohol abuse would always lead to liver cancer if not properly treated “

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