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2 Stop It Squirrel!

Stop It Squirrel!

Another piece of
Russian comics:
russian miners village 1
25 A Miners Village

A Miners Village

 This is a photo session from a miner’s village in Russia. These photos are made nowadays though when watching them it might seem that they are made in the previous century. A few days ago in Russian newspapers there was an article that 25% of Russian families sometimes experience lack of the money to
buy simple bread, and I suppose that more than 40% of families live in the similar conditions, especially in countryside, and the same time in major cities there is a class of very rich people, buying Ferraris and soccer players for their teams worth of tens millions dollars.
anti usa soviet russia posters
115 Soviet Propaganda Against USA (posters)

Soviet Propaganda Against USA (posters)

In Soviet Russia there were a lot of propaganda posters against USA. Here is a little collection of such Soviet art. I splitted it to three parts, so today is the part 1. This
is a Black Sea and Uncle Sam is looking thru spyglass on USSR with a sign "Provocation" on it, standing on US ships. Uncle Sam was widely used to represent USA.
Soviet era cars

77 Soviet Cars Dump

Soviet Cars Dump

These photos are made by netwinds.ru activists in the place where are a lot of Soviet cars ending their days. Most of this cars are very rare nowadays on Russian streets and were a subject to a great desire to a few generations of Soviet people, almost
deprived of the right to have a car. Now they stay there as a silent monument in far away countryside to the Soviet era and it’s style of life. Maybe on some of these cars Stalin or Brezhnev drove across the streets of Moscow.
2 Space Ads

Space Ads

Russian space agency started offering commercials placement on the body of space rockets and on the launch facility complex around the rocket, same way as it’s done on the sport matches etc. They
offer to place the ads across all the rocket, barriers across the launch site, big concrete structures across rocket gas vent, you can see places marked with arrows on the picture below.
house in moscow was sold with dwellers
1 Doomed House

Doomed House

We’ve got a letter from a visitor, he lives in Moscow, and now their whole house is experiencing the following situation, according to his words: “A government of Moscow had a debt of $300,000. There
was made a decision to cover the debt giving out a half of a block of the land in the Moscow downtown to a private investor. This land included a house which is depicted in the picture.
photos from soviet russia
18 Photos From Soviet Russia

Photos From Soviet Russia

These are photos from a photo contest where people mailed in their Soviet photos from the family albums.    Year 1924, here is collectivization depicted, an event in the begining of the Soviet state when all peasants and farmers were
deprived of their private property and were forced to participate in the organized by state collective ventures, where all the property belonged to the state people worked there and didn't get a share, just a salary. 
first russian mobile phone
34 First Russian Mobile Phone

First Russian Mobile Phone

 This is the photo of the first Soviet cellular phone. The development of such devices has started in 1958 as a cooperative project by the group of the Soviet scientists from different cities. It was a fully functional mobile phone that was placed in the car of the
Soviet elite. It had a full duplex link and in order to dial a phone one had just pick up the receiver and dial a number using this big square buttons with letters and digits on them. On the first models there were even old-style round dial.
3 A Piece of Russian Cartoon

A Piece of Russian Cartoon

Just a crazy short comics
from a Russian author.
in russia vodka is sold in plastic bags
13 Vodka In a Plastic Bag

Vodka In a Plastic Bag

If you are lucky enough, while your travel to Russia you can manage to buy vodka in a plastic bag. More than that this plastic bag can be used as a medical dropper.  It is made in China so the price is very low
just 22 cents for 16.9 fl. oz. pack. What is the purpose of this? Probably some people enjoy drops of vodka coming to their blood and then directly to brain, omitting a stomach.    

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