10 Oldest Lady in the World

Oldest Lady in the World

Posted on September 29, 2006 by team

This is a passport photo of an old lady from South of Russia.

It seems now that she is older than an oldest living human on the world marked in Guinness book for 15 years, so she is going to claim the correction to be made in the book in order to recognize her fame.

According to her passport she was born 1875, so she is 131 years old now.

oldest lady in the world lives in south of russia

Probably if the Guinness commission won’t let her be the number one she would follow the method of getting the truth from her fellow old lady living in other Russian city.

See this video to understand what I mean.

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10 Responses to “Oldest Lady in the World”

  1. Diamond says:

    WoW! Just Wow…

  2. Xavi says:

    Matrioshka power !!!

  3. Alexandre says:

    How many keys has a russian typewritter? :oO

  4. NoN says:

    Alexandre, as in standart latin keyboard.
    We have 33 letters in alphabet, most of letters like latin. But some sounds different – russian “H” – latin “n”, “P” – “r”….

  5. Marius says:

    Russian – Latin
    А – a
    Б – b
    В – v
    Г – g
    Д – d
    Е – e
    Ё – yo
    Ж – zh
    З – z
    И – i
    Й – i’ (shorter)
    К – k
    Л – l
    М – m
    Н – n
    О – o
    П – p
    Р – r
    С – s
    Т – t
    У – u
    Ф – f
    Х – h
    Ц – ts
    Ч – ch
    Ш – sh
    Щ – sh (softer)
    Ъ – sign of hardness
    Ы – I don’t know, how to describe it, something between “y” and “e”
    Ь – sign of softness
    Э – ae
    Ю – yu
    Я – ya

  6. Marius says:

    So your name in Russian letters is Александр :)
    And some examples:
    Marius – Мариус or Марий
    George Bush – Джордж Буш
    Bill Clinton – Билл Клинтон
    James Hetfield – Джеймс Хэтфилд
    Lars Ulrich – Ларс Ульрих
    Eros Ramazzotti – Эрос Рамазотти
    Curt Cobain – Курт Кобейн
    Cortney Love – Кортни Лав

  7. Ivan Minic says:

    Any more info about this? News wrote anything?

  8. NimBrank says:

    Thanks to the author.

  9. Clarisa Bobb says:

    Useful site, where did you come up with the knowledge in this article? I’m glad I found it though, ill be checking back soon to see what other articles you have.

  10. DeweyEF says:

    Subscribe it on RSS…

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