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Posted on September 29, 2006 by team

Here are two field photos from the war in Chechnya.

war in russian chechnyawar in russian chechnya

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22 Responses to “Chechnya”

  1. iNV says:

    Earlier this was very sick theme, especially for young Russian guys. Where them killed, and militarians made profit of their death.

  2. yoyomode says:

    Hmm… Old soviet military uniform.
    You sure that this Chechnya, rather then Afghanistan?

  3. spoodie says:

    Very nice photography

  4. dRE says:

    There is no war in Chechnya now.

  5. Leo Petr says:

    You made a desert and called it peace.

  6. Marc says:

    Hrm …. the photos say “AfghanX” …

  7. chechenka says:

    there IS a war in Chechnya.

  8. greensnake says:

    Checnya should be bombed.Like Dresden in WW2.

  9. siner says:


  10. dRE says:

    Chechens own half of Moscow, all the major businesses are under their control, they are the most powerful organized crime group in Russia and they use their money to support the terrorists left in Chechnya, so that the fighting will continue.

  11. 4emist says:

    it’s afgan

  12. Murzik says:

    This is Afganistan, you should know that

  13. VladimirS (Rissia) says:

    Yes, it’s Afranistan.
    There’s old Soviet uniform. And on the 2nd photo you can see the AK-47 rifle, instead of modern (but less powerfull) AK-74 rifle, which was used in Chechnya.

    Here you can find much more original photos, real stories in english language about modern russian wars.


    • Tango says:

      Sorry boy but you are wrong. This is exactly AK-74. 47th has different shapes of muzzler and magazine. Morover, you can not call AK-74 modern today. 100th series is an update.
      But I agree – this is Afghanistan.

  14. 1l1 says:

    This is Afghanistan and probably screens are from some movie.
    Shame for the author of the artcile. So many cheap tricks to bite Russia in this blog -_-

  15. Johny Kallesony says:

    This is Afghanistan, they have old military uniforms. That’s not Chechenya.

  16. Civitano says:

    Afganistan. Real foto, no film. 1985

  17. Kreino says:

    I Love This Page & Love Yours Angry Comments!!!

  18. history says:

    Its afghanistan war….

  19. Austrian says:


  20. SHAH says:


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