25 St. Petersburg, Fontanka river

St. Petersburg, Fontanka river

Posted on September 28, 2006 by team

Some say St. Petersburg is not so dark as it was depicted in “Zombietown” post.

Yes it isn’t. Here is another example of St. Petersburg.

The photos were taken in the same place in different seasons.

The place is Fontanka river of St. Petersburg.

st. petersburg, fontanka river

st. petersburg, fontanka riverst. petersburg, fontanka river


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25 Responses to “St. Petersburg, Fontanka river”

  1. Robert says:

    Tracks on the ice.

    I wonder how thick the ice on the river is.

  2. iNV says:

    10-50 centimeters. I went on this ice.

  3. katjusha says:

    i think the ice is so thick that you can drive a truck on it. remember the siege of leningrad in world war 2 when russians brought food and weapons over the frozen river neva…..

  4. White_Wyrm says:

    2Poster: Thanks for your work – but, please, post real hyperlinks to the original collection instead of just “Photos are by iNV” or smth like this. Yesterday, I wanted to see more photos, made by the author of “Zombietown” and had to conduct a real investigation :-) And, I think, it is quite a common wish.

  5. Cawa ComwutoB says:

    looks pretty bleak year-round…

  6. Beautiful images. I would like to be there.

  7. Dan says:

    Beautiful work, reminds my of my time back in Piter where I lived a block from these pictures. And the ice is very thick, I once saw tire tracks in one of these canals. And I second the call for links to the original collection.

  8. White_Wyrm says:

    Ahhh, by the way – this very photos are quite BAD. Olympus X100 isn’t a good camera anyway – and look at least to a white balance :-(((

  9. Megan says:

    Not the best photos of SPb, but enough to make me miss it…

  10. diego says:

    Great pictures! I really wish to go there (or at least some other part of Russia) some time.
    Too bad about those cables crossing all over the river. It’s the price of progress.

  11. White_Wyrm says:

    diego, these cables are not crossinng all the river – they just go along the bridge, which these photos are taken from.

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  13. Edwin Ahe says:

    Hey, it`s 5mins from my home :) (when i was living in St.Petersburg) great fotos thanks ;)

    • PlanoTX says:

      When you lived there were there any tourist boats on the river? Seems like it would be a beautiful way to see the city.

  14. XXX says:

    these pics are really dark but can’t dark be beautiful? imho, St. Petersburg is one of the most magnificent cities in the world? in any weather…

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  17. Cyrus Akwei says:

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  19. Melika says:

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