14 Dragon Bag

Dragon Bag

Posted on September 28, 2006 by team

It’s a Dragon-Bag made by one Russian guy. It looks really odd.

dragon bag by russian guy


dragon bag by russian guydragon bag by russian guy

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14 Responses to “Dragon Bag”

  1. ilyich says:

    Beautiful work, but not very convenient (but then again, convenience isn’t everything, enjoy the spice of life).

    Keep the phone in his mouth. . . but what do you keep in his rectum?

  2. W. Shedd says:

    Very small samovar …

    It is pretty cool, you could probably make a living just sculpting different leather bags in different shapes like this.

  3. diego says:

    I want one!! Hope he sells them.

  4. anna says:

    very very cool- what a talant!

  5. [...] Some time ago we had a Russian guy who made a dragon bag. [...]

  6. Nephra says:

    I LOVE IT!!:o) I so much hope he will be selling them….

  7. Colin Blenkinsop says:

    Get in touch with me please. I think your design is pretty cool.

  8. Serpentine says:

    I want this bag so much! =O If I saw it in a shop I’d buy it without a second thought. It’s beautiful! Argh! I bet it’s unique, and it’s way over the other side of the world, too… Bah! WANT.

  9. firedragon says:

    where can i get one ?

  10. I wonder how many people realise that leather isn’t just from a cow. Many animals from sheep, goat and pig have their skins turned into leather bags and other clothing too! We love leather bags.

  11. WANT says:

    OMFG… I want this!!!!.

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