21 Russian Hummer

Russian Hummer

Posted on September 26, 2006 by team

There was not only a Space Shuttle cloned in Russia, now meet Soviet Hummer, another strange thing Made in Russia.

It is equipped with American Cummins B-180 engine, with 5.9 volume, with this one resembling Hummer even more. 

Even with such an engine it’s maximum speed is claimed to be only 65 mp/h (130 km/h), why need more on such roads we have seen?

They called it “The Tiger”, it sounds like oriental names like “The Silent Crawling Tiger” or so, and why wonder, more than half of Russia is situated in Asia.
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21 Responses to “Russian Hummer”

  1. Marius says:

    This is not the Hummer-clone, it has own construction.

  2. Garry says:

    The Tigr was designed for a middle east country that was already using Humvees and was finding them too expensive to operate. They approached a Russian company (I think it was GAZ from memory) to build them something that used similar parts with similar or better performance (and with the same engine as they already had trained support and a logistics train in place to support that engine) to replace the Humvee in service. The US found out and reduced the support costs and the price of spare parts so although GAZ succeeded in making a better vehicle they lost the only customer they had for it. They offered it to the Russian Army but with an American engine and no requirement for such a vehicle, the Russians use BTR and BRDM vehicles for the armoured uses the US uses the Humvee for and lighter vehicles like the new Vodnik for the unarmoured or lightly armoured roles. I doubt it will see service in Russia, though some export customer might be found…

  3. Dan says:

    It may not be an *exact* hummer clone, but it obviously draws liberally from it’s design.

  4. Nail says:

    Even when we clone someone’s production, our clones work better than the original :)
    Buran made its first flight and landing on auto-pilot — no one was on board and no one one controlled it from distance.

    And I think Tiger will be the same bettr comparing to Hummer even though they look so similar.

    P.S. one more fact about Buran: when constructors said “we can make it better than Shuttle”, they were said “we don’t need it better, make it the same”.

  5. Andrey says:

    It exactly better than Hummer, It’s got better characteristics.

  6. Miska / Finland says:

    This was presented here last summer,its “Combat T98″.
    I don´t know if it´s the same as “the tigr”


  7. Обычный человек says:

    Oh, naw, naw! It’s not Hummer! It on GAZ (Gorki car factory) under the order of arabs have made! And it is a citizen – Tigr-2.

  8. Olavi says:

    Could someone find a link to webpage on manufacturers site?

  9. CHE says:

    Buran could be a first shuttle in a world

  10. zia says:

    I need to know what the price is for the russian hummer

  11. Luciano says:

    The vehicle looks better than the Hummer, but the looks are not the main issue with such vehicles. The Cummins 5.9 I6 turbodiesel engine is the same found in earlier Dodge Ram pickup trucks. It’s a good heavy-duty engine but not a military-grade one. And the peformance figures are rather modest (on the civilian market, who would buy a car with a 300 hp engine that can only reach 65 mph?). Probably the makers are using a transmission that is not proprly mated to this engine. Overall, interesting, but not impressive. As usual, the Russians are bragging their technology is the most advanced in the world, but they cannot build a proper engine and tranmission. And a good car, of course.

  12. g says:

    GAZ-3121 “Tigr-2″ got third nomination of “Best Applied Truck” for “Commercial Transport” magazine.
    News on manufacturers site

    GAZ-2330 “Tigr-1″ and GAZ-3121 “Tigr-2″
    Technical information and pictures

  13. Andy says:

    Russians sometimes like to copy or “borrow” other others designs, remember the Buran space shuttle for instance?

    • Rob says:

      when physics needs exact solutions and 2 humans are in same level of research and knowledge you are might ends with very similar product.. just russians manufactured Buran as technological demonstrator.. space rockets were cheaper so thay decided drop it..

  14. Andy says:

    I also forgot to mention the Kamov-60 Orca, it bears an resemblance to the French made Dauphin helicopter.

  15. Darwinism says:

    I’d say that one is cooler than a hummer. I want one of those!

  16. SMS_Skique says:

    hello, where are you out a such DIZ?

  17. zeeohsix says:

    judging from the engine and the 65 mph limit it is geared for torque and properly because it is an SUV/truck.

    the size of the motor produces a lot of torque. with a final gear topping 65 mph all the other gears are pretty low.
    it’s appropriate for those roads (or lack thereof) and helps towing.
    downside is terrible fuel economy. with those low gears probably worst than a real hummer

  18. finlander says:

    where to buy one???

  19. Andrey says:

    Even from the supplied reference it follows that Buran is superior to Shuttle and not its clone

  20. norma stitz says:

    . . . but how does it perform against roadside bombs in Afghanistan?

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