27 House Made from Matches

House Made from Matches

Posted on September 25, 2006 by team

It seems to be an old Russian tradition to make houses from matches as a gift or just for fun.

Do you want to learn how to build a house from matches? Here is a little howto from the Russian artist G. Wolf.  

russian houses made from matches, matchhouse part 1

It would be built without a drop of a glue, and you won’t need those tools in order to build  a house.
russian houses made from matches, matchhouse part 1

But what do you need is:
1. A few boxes of matches, around 6-7
2. CD case, it would be used as a desk, that can be rotated as you like
3. A coin, not a little one.
russian houses made from matches, matchhouse part 1

Place a CD box on the desk and we’ll start the process.
Put two matches, parallel each other, in the distance a little smaller than a length of a match.
russian houses made from matches, matchhouse part 1

Now put 8 more matches on top of the first two, like on the picture.
russian houses made from matches, matchhouse part 1

Now put a second flooring of 8 matches, perpendicular to the previous layer. It’s better to put all the matches on an equal distance from each other.

russian houses made from matches, matchhouse part 1

Now we are building a “well”, 8 layers tall, like on the picture. Each next match should be aligned with a head perpendicular to the previous.
russian houses made from matches, matchhouse part 1

And now on the top of this well we are putting another deck of 8 matches. Matches on the top deck should be aligned contrary to the lower one.

Now on the top of our thing we are putting a coin.
russian houses made from matches, matchhouse part 1

Now pressing on the coin with one finger, insert a match in each corner, as shown on the picture below.
russian houses made from matches, matchhouse part 1

If there is no space between lower matches you can slightly spread them with another match, as shown on the photo. But be carefully so that a “house” won’t slide from the lower deck of matches.


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27 Responses to “House Made from Matches”

  1. Gofaq Yusef says:

    Long winters????

  2. Andres says:

    Yeah, things 2 do if you are in jail

  3. Afi Derzein says:

    oh yeah ! there’s no other pleasure than make a matchgift to anniversary or birthday ! people in russia never use “bvlgary” and “cartier” boutique when they going to congratulate someone… u make me lough guys ) ” It is an old Russian tradition to create matchstick houses as gifts.” ))

  4. Kontrastas says:

    Looks very nice, just tried making one, bit difficult.

  5. Ivan Minic says:

    That’s so tiny :)

  6. yo momma says:

    god, grow up…. You are so annoying, geez. No one cares what your e-mail is, or that want mick… whatever… GET A LIFE. yes it’s hard, so what??? just keep trying.

  7. eray says:

    cok sacma yapsamda hiç bi yere koyamam

  8. Remek says:

    Einstürzende Neubauten “Kollaps” – I have this CD :)))

  9. Billy Ledford says:

    This is to let you all know that there is a person in the mountains of E. Tennessee that builds all sorts of items out of Matches with burnt heads, he has been building these crafts since the late 50’s, also he has pieces in museum.

    Send him an e-mail and he will send you some pictures of these crafts.

    Mr Ledford now lives in the big city of Dallas Texas, and has been interviewed by news papers and on different T V stations

    Thanks BML

  10. Tildoez says:

    Nice! I tried building one, and it worked!!!


    I wish they made bigger matches, my house is tiny…


  11. Russian_NYC says:

    This is so cool! I keep finding really interesting stuff on ER. Keep up excellent work guys! =)

  12. Riskey says:

    This is great. I am going to try it and I hope I don’t burn my real house down!

  13. Veikko says:

    I built it and it seemed very solid at first, but after it had sat on my desk overnight, the whole thing just came apart at the seams when I tried to lift it.

    Is there some sort of trick to make one that actually stays together, or is it just a matter of glue?

  14. My grandfather used to make these. Nice. Thanks for tutorial, looks interesting and fun time waster :)

  15. nice says:

    People who live in match houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    That’s pretty sweet!

  16. Evrookno says:

    Very interesting house! Thanks for the idea!

  17. Kawai5ft10in says:

    I like historical districts too. That one was not for sale. That area of the Eastern Shore is where some of my ancestors came to live in the mid 1600s. I’m looking to buy land there and the Blue Ridge/Shenandoah Valley area as well. My parents are going to sell their property and land in AZ. I use to spend weekends with TT2 he lived to be pretty old. That way I could work full-time and go to school full-time.

  18. ClaraHigs says:

    I got one of these as a gift in an airport in Belgium, I had given a girl €2 as she was short money for the vending machene & she came back during the night while I was asleep & left it with the lady who i was beside & asked her to give it to me. It’s one of the best presents I ever got!

  19. Pyromaniac says:

    Those burn down so quickly

  20. O´Slow. says:

    Made one, not easy.

  21. Emily says:

    Cool! It works! Now it starts falling apart a little bit, so I’m going to put it on top of my closet.

  22. vygis says:

    i have builded it 5 times and it crashed , but it works it will hold its form, i just forget somes steps :-D

  23. Done for my brother’s project

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