25 Russian Wedding

Russian Wedding

Posted on September 24, 2006 by team

For those who is searching Russian bride for himself, here is a shot from a Russian wedding.

It’s kind of selfdescriptive.

russian bride on the wedding

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25 Responses to “Russian Wedding”

  1. katjusha says:

    my god…. :)
    why is the man holding a knife at the blade part?

  2. Hellen says:

    He is just trying to be polite and give it to a young bride… What happened to that guy left to the bride? WOW! What a face! I think its not a good picture of a poor wedding from a very deep country! People dont look like this all over Russia! A girl looks fine – I do ope she was happy at that day! But her fresh husband looks terrible – not happy, not dressed well… Probably a marriage-in-need… Who knows!

  3. LEVON says:

    Lest cocider better, why is her brand new husband look like after fight with Mike Tyson!!

  4. aabbcc says:

    Explanation – you never hand a knife to another person blade first! This is considered very rude. And to think about it – this rule makes perfect sense, it is very easy to hurt someone when holding the knife blade forward. Pure safety, nothing more. I do the same, not being Russian.

  5. Weiser says:

    I hand blades over blade down, holding the forward part of the handle.

  6. Tenchiken says:

    Russian weddings are quite alcoholic, chaotic and merciless :)

  7. Бляхухоль says:

    Малчишник удалсо!!! :)

  8. Dre says:

    this website can give you very bad exploration about Russia

  9. SkyWalker2 says:

    I think this is a regullary wedding which could take place too in Germany, Poland, Sweden or any other country. There are different budgets for a wedding all over the world.

  10. ilyich says:

    I fantasize that the bride punched the groom before the wedding.

    I think too many Russians are taking offense at this website– they need to relax. As an “American of Russian blood” I know that most of what is shown on this site isn’t the COMPLETE Russia, just a tiny and funny part. If this site were all “GLORIOUS RUSSIAN ACHIEVEMENTS!!” it would be boring state-sponsored propaganda.

    America isn’t perfect, but don’t pretend that Russia somehow is.

  11. dRE says:

    My question is – how many westerners actually know what real Russian weddings look like?
    Second question – why not show to the westerners what real Russian weddings look like?
    Talk about “state-sponsored propaganda”, ilyich…
    If you moved to America (just a guess), you just substituted one Soviet Union for a another one.

  12. anna says:

    hey, you want to see pictures from my wedding?! – you’ll be impressed…

  13. This seems to be an nightmare, rather than a marriage…!

  14. Novak says:

    The groom is trying to be 50 cent.

    and yes this site is going down the drain.

  15. Novak says:

    The groom is trying to be Nelly (Uh-oohhh).

    and yes this site is going down the drain.

  16. Fronika says:

    Making fun of poor and disadvantage people, nice.

    There are poor people everywhere.

  17. maria says:

    my name is maria

  18. me ;( says:

    more likely the guy next to bride saw that knife and got really scared ( possibly ex-boyfriend was about to throw that knife).

  19. You have got a nice blog. enjoyed reading.

  20. Gwen Depippo says:

    You have got a great blog. enjoyed reading.

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