11 Russian Roads 5

Russian Roads 5

Posted on September 24, 2006 by team

So if to continue the topic about the Russian roads let’s get transferred to a totally civilized part of Russia, in fact the most civilized one, to Moscow.

Just in the center of Moscow, Russian city with the best roads, one can see a drowned car and a lot of water washing out the road.

Russian roads are unpredictable everywhere in the Russia.
russian roads in the center of moscow are still unpredictable

russian roads in the center of moscow are still unpredictable

Here it comes.

russian roads in the center of moscow are still unpredictablerussian roads in the center of moscow are still unpredictablerussian roads in the center of moscow are still unpredictable


russian roads in the center of moscow are still unpredictable


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11 Responses to “Russian Roads 5”

  1. Hellen says:

    Who placed those pictures into Funny category? There is nothing funny at all… I love you Russian people and feel sorry for all your problems. Wish I could help… Just be strong…

  2. LEVON says:

    The ones with FORD off road kook like ugly photoshop. :/

  3. Michael Ash says:

    Hellen, I can answer your question, where you ask: who places those pictures… Jews did it. They want to discredit this country as they have been discrediting others for centuries.

  4. Cristino says:

    Here in Puerto Rico we get some of that flooded road fun. If it rains for 5 minutes continuosly, traffic grinds to a halt in some main roads. Politicians of course spend days (and money!) making studies on how to resolve this but nothing ever happens…

    Guess any Moscow visitor here would feel at home… Except for the cold… :D

  5. W. Shedd says:

    This looks like a broken water line or water main. It happens in the US sometimes also – can happen anywhere there is city water. Generally the municipal crews will block off that section of road – if they discover the problem in time – to prevent cars falling into the sinkhole that is formed.

  6. dRE says:

    Exactly, there was a broken waterpipe which flooded the road, and in one place it created a hole – very unfortunate for the owner of that Ford jeep.
    It’s just something that happens in life everywhere around the world, but I “like” the way the author of this site puts it about Russian roads… just another example of pure propaganda.

  7. TM says:

    Ok, seriously, your propaganda parade is annoying dRE. Yes, roads suck everywhere when water mains bust. Yes they create potholes. Is it supposed to be propaganda? Not in my opinion. I started looking through this website to gain more knowledge of what real Russia is like. And you know what it looks like? Everywhere else. Anyways, I’m going to continue looking through this website with my grain of sand, and learn as I go. And I’m going to look straight over your constantly critical comments.

  8. dRE says:

    2 TM:

    You obviously don’t understand what I’m talking about, nor do you understand the meaning of the word ‘propaganda’.

    And NO, this is NOT what real Russia looks like!

  9. propaganda says:

    Listen dRE, we all know Russia is a lot of things, some good and some bad. In all countries potholes and other unwanted things happen, there is nothing to it. It does not take you too far if your solution is blaming the jews and calling real photos propaganda.

    I am half French – half German, and read five different newspapers each day (different languages and from different countries), and my view on the things in Russia is that the country is turning back into a dictatorship. Not communist, not tzar, but something else. Who is in charge in Russia really?

    What is your opinion, how do the following look to non-Russians? The murder of Anna Politkovskaja? Stealing of Hodorkovski’s company? Shutting down of practically all opposition media networks? War to Tshetshnia? Beslan school killings? Rising neonazism and patriotism?

    The roads have nothing to do with it, even though I would never even dream of driving to Moscow with my family in our car. Not only because of the roads, mainly because life is precious.

    And no, I am not a jew even though I have nothing against the jews.

  10. BarSUCHok says:

    Privet from russia. Dear Hellen from first comment. its no use be so pitiful to us. we’re also laugh or just mock at this stuff that happens everyday on the streets. the truth cannot insult wise russians. )))

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