8 Enlarge Your Pencil

Enlarge Your Pencil

Posted on September 24, 2006 by team

This is an example how creative advertisers can be.

 This commercial stand is from the streets of on Russian city, advertising the shop for different writing materials, for the beginning of the studying year in Russian schools.

What made them to create such a stand? Too much of the spam in their inbox?

 russian advertisement

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8 responses to “Enlarge Your Pencil”

  1. someone says:

    just a fake

  2. LEVON says:

    it’s some small city coz there iz only 6 digits in tel. number.

  3. ilyich says:

    can you provide the original, before the english was added to the poster?

  4. RCL says:

    I don’t think it’s fake. English is occasionally used in Russian ads, and we all get a lot of English spam, so ‘enlarge your …’ is pretty well known in Russia too

  5. Roman says:

    I was really suprised to find this article here. I saw that ad in real life in town called Saransk. Actually it’s a fake: there is no english slogan there. This fake was made by my friend and was originaly posted on nnm.ru

  6. anna says:

    actially funny, especially when you know that it’s fake. I like big pencils anyway…

  7. Igor says:

    Definitly, it is fake. Parents could kill such an advetiser

  8. Jessica says:

    I always read your amazing website every week, its great fun and got lots of interesting information to take in and lots of interesting articles.

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