91 Soviet Cars Dump

Soviet Cars Dump

Posted on September 19, 2006 by team

These photos are made by netwinds.ru activists in the place where are a lot of Soviet cars ending their days.

Most of this cars are very rare nowadays on Russian streets and were a subject to a great desire to a few generations of Soviet people, almost deprived of the right to have a car.

Now they stay there as a silent monument in far away countryside to the Soviet era and it’s style of life. Maybe on some of these cars Stalin or Brezhnev drove across the streets of Moscow.
Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

Soviet era cars

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91 Responses to “Soviet Cars Dump”

  1. ilyich says:

    Old cars, no matter what country they are from, are just so much more stylish than todays cars.

    This reminds me of my grandmothers old house, with my uncles many VW Bugs rusting in a row out behind the barn.

  2. greensnake says:

    Like a tank dump near Kubinka Tank Museum.

  3. ilyich says:

    mmmm. . . the sexy girl was a nice touch.

    • AK862 says:

      Wow, I am sure there is a whole series of naked pics with this girl in this car dump, maybe we could find them on photofile.ru or something hehehehe….

  4. Erik says:

    Wow, the last picture is really beautiful!

  5. katjusha says:

    it’s a shame i’m not close to buy one of these cars. modern cars are nothing like these…

  6. jayman says:

    Old cars are AWESOME! Thanks.

  7. 1l1 says:

    retro owns nowadays

  8. koniu says:

    Great photos, the last one being a true gem, amazing!

  9. ilyich says:

    Wait. . . the Russians made a “Taurus” automobile too!!??

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  11. LEVON says:

    Hehe, I have one from the photo nr. 34:) Volga GAZ 21. My one is green, ang before “face lifting”. I love that car, in spilt of it uses some 15 lites of gas for 100 km, and V.max is 100 km/h. I suspect it may go faster, but I’m not shure that the brakes wont fall abart.

  12. dutchy says:

    (first, forgive me my English)

    does someone know where this is?
    I really want know where this is.
    to see those cars for real, would be splendid.

    greet’s from the Netherlands

  13. Anton says:

    Greetings from Russia! Personally I’ve never seen places like that in Russia! Too big country we have, to find all about it! I think it is far away from Moscow, that’s why none of my friends has ever heared about it. So great thanks to someone who made these photos. The only thing I can’t understand is Buick Roadmaster 1939! How did it appear there! However I’ve seen another one in Moscow but it’s condition was even worth!

  14. Motorpasión says:

    Cementerio de viejas glorias rusas…

    Si las carreteras rusas no te han dado suficientes escalofríos, vía Neatorama me he encontrado con este cementerio de coches rusos que en vista de las imágenes, de noche debe ser un poco lóbrego. La mayoría de los coches que aparecen ahí, son ah…

  15. Anton says:

    I’ve found out that this place is near Tula town, not far from Moscow. But unluckily these cars are not for sale.

    • Toitsu says:


      Could you tell me where this place is? I am rebuilding one Gaz-12 in Finland and need of parts. I would like to personally visit the place and talk to owner. Or is there phone number where i could call?



  16. John P. says:

    I LOVE junkyards! Very cool pictures.

    John from the USA…..

  17. vlad says:

    yep, nothing short of great pitcures. Good job. Of course, the cars themselves made it much easier. More people should take advantage of that place, maybe star in a movie or something. The colors are just incredible.

  18. Allan says:

    WOW, that model posing by the cars is beautiful!

  19. Dmitry says:

    These masterpieces :) are from small village near Chern town in the Tula region (about 300 km southern from Moscow). AFAIK it is a personal “museum” of ex-mechanic of soviet international rally team.

    I’m planning to visit this place next week :)

  20. Oldzik / Poland says:

    Grate pictures.I’is nice to see a lot of cars like this together…
    I wonder to see it all after roconstruction…

    Fall in love Pobeda M20/ Warszawa M20

  21. badbrad says:

    In my country, car junks you!

  22. Proctofantasmist says:

    It’s a realy Fallout…maybe Fallot 2:)))

  23. Macaca says:

    Why is there pictures of nice ladie on car? :p

  24. lehahimik says:

    i sell my car – GAZ M20 (Pobeda). It has original body and it works perfectly. Hope to find a real expert who’ll estimate it at its true worth. Alexey

  25. Vadim says:


    I’m selling my car Gaz M-20 1946y.
    please contact me if you’re interested in it.

    v.koretskiy {at} hotmail {dot} com

  26. Max says:

    Dmitry, did you go to see the museum? Did you take any photos? Would love to see some more photos and hear a story about what you seen.

  27. mircea says:

    i want to know where this cars are????
    i might want a buy few

  28. MIKE says:

    excellent! i appreciate auto boneyards, and the model was a nice touch!!

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  30. chamberlain says:

    please i want to know how to where the car junks are and need a picture of the scene.when i get in my box then we can go into abusiness to disengage and sell them in Nigeria.

  31. JOONAS says:


  32. kir says:

    ropyjäqwtjdnnhädfäjh’taduyjh¨f’adyk¨dqpf¨hf’eqpyjëqrpughf¨sdahdqyujhgëf9adigoiåfdyidfaxcadfksdaehejhejeh3ejhejdhejhejehejehejeheheheheehheehehehhegasdklcsaöcadsafoiaskdertxd ‘äer stråogo0au9

  33. LosJ says:

    Девушка очень красивая =)

  34. Gerard B says:

    Its not Taurus, it’s Taunus which was a German Ford. What it’s doing in the USSR I don’t know.

  35. Mayne West says:

    There are also big area in Estonia, where are many nice cars.
    Check that out:

  36. pipisa says:

    все пидарасы =)

  37. Jason says:

    It looks like the soviet union imported lots of cars from Cuba.

  38. vadgergo says:

    Cool! I want more pics!

  39. me says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  40. heatmiser says:

    I can’t believe the Russians have so many hot babes that they just throw them out along with their junk cars! What a shame.

  41. Jan says:

    How did the Mercedes get there?

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  43. Andy from the Philippines says:

    Too bad any of them are not for sale. It would be nice if some collectors(local or foreign) would buy a few of them & restore them into pristine condition. If i could restore one, id, restore the green pickup truck.

  44. Cup Of Web says:

    Field full of old Soviet Cars…

    [ Via ]

  45. robert says:

    nice pictures. its a shame to see these cars standing there..for nothing.
    Somebody wants to sell a pabeda in good condition??
    Robert and Olga

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  47. scott miller says:

    where is this place? great rebuild or hot rod ,rat rod i want one of those cars

  48. Piotrek says:

    Piękne auta kiedyś…szkoda,że obecnie już wymarłe…zdjęcia super!!! Awesome great pictures!!!

  49. [...] the Soviet Car Graveyard. Most of these cars are very rare nowadays on Russian streets and were a subject to a great desire [...]

  50. nightkraawler says:

    it’ incredible how complete they are as far as the outside
    too bad he doesnt have better storage…what a cool collection ..

  51. jorigo says:

    great pics, nice cars, very good, the girl is also a great add,


  52. Rodjer says:

    Всем привет! Ох и жжаркое лето выдаллось! Сижу пишу и уже вспотел))) Хочу сказать спасибо за инфу!

  53. Спасибо за ответы на все вопросы :) На самом деле узнал много нового. Вот только до конца так и не разобрался что и откуда.

  54. Kebyessetle says:

    Класный ресурс)) Темы интересные и дизайн красивый !

  55. Обязательно подпишусь на rss ленту, интересно почитать.

  56. BrowsToisiX says:

    Приветствую! Ваш ресурс очень хороший!

  57. spoollarami says:

    Хорошая идея создать такой ресурс, много интересного.

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  59. vipinet says:

    Заяви о себе миру!
    Эмоциональным, импульсивным, грустным, веселым, счастливым, желающим поделиться своими эмоциями и переживаниями
    особое ПРИГЛАШЕНИЕ!

  60. soagreera says:

    Реальное золото wow в кошелек великого воина

  61. Аrkadij says:

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  65. Ilin says:

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  66. MSHugh says:

    Спасибо за статью

  67. Zinovev says:

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  69. Vamnemems says:

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