18 Photos From Soviet Russia

Photos From Soviet Russia

Posted on September 19, 2006 by team

These are photos from a photo contest where people mailed in their Soviet photos from the family albums. 


photos from soviet russia

Year 1924, here is collectivization depicted, an event in the begining of the Soviet state when all peasants and farmers were deprived of their private property and were forced to participate in the organized by state collective ventures, where all the property belonged to the state people worked there and didn’t get a share, just a salary. 

Sent by Roman Azarov.

photos from soviet russia

1930s, the best group of workers who participated in the construction of Kuznets Steel Factory. Sent by Andrei Mannikov.

photos from soviet russia

Resort “Bogdanovsky”, 1935, sent by Olesya Volkova.

photos from soviet russia

Students of Soviet technical school, 1935, sent by Elena Solodovnikova

photos from soviet russia

A Military Oath during the WW2 1941-1945, sent by Michail Lukjanov. 


photos from soviet russia

This photo was made during the WW2, author is unknown. Sent by Dmitriy Zaharov.

photos from soviet russia

A picnic, 1950s, sent by Denis Kolokol

photos from soviet russia

Soccer team “Loco”, Champions of Moscow, 1954, sent by P. Romanov

photos from soviet russia

During a hike, 1963, sent by Olesya Volkova

photos from soviet russia

Students of Tomsk Univercity, 1960s, what an interracial team. Sent by Elena Lvenka.

photos from soviet russia

During the walk, the begining of 1960s, sent by Michail Lukjanov

photos from soviet russia

The Soviet Army parade on the Red Square, Moscow, 1965, Sent by Evgenij Borodulin.


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18 Responses to “Photos From Soviet Russia”

  1. spoodie says:

    Cheer up, it might never happen! Oh, it did.

  2. Dominik says:

    very interesting pictures more like it please

  3. Matt says:

    Great pictures full of zeitgeist… students working while doing their major ! I just can’t get enough EnglishRussia everyday.

  4. 1l1 says:

    gr8 time
    thnx for photos

  5. gulnara says:

    As for the construction job only,one could go or not,first of all,it was one’s choice;second-it was during summer vacations;third-students went to build units to earn money;
    there were students who went there because of romantic appeal,fourth;probably there were some other personal reasons,I don’t know.But building constructions and working as a train conductors were not obligatory.

  6. Step says:

    cool! It`s russian history! Photos must be interesting for old rassians!?

  7. shved-karaped says:

    medinstitut picture is quite disturbing – can’t imagine that taking place in a medical college here, so disrespectful to the deceased. I saw similar gross mistreatment of bodies in a medinstitut in southern Russia in the later 1980s.

  8. shiko says:

    here as in america?
    they dissect corpses in american medschool too

  9. Gerry says:

    Yes, all world medical schools dissect the dead, we should not single out the (former) Soviet Union. It’s just that I’ve never seen public photos of such procedures in the West (from an adult of 50+ years). The social culture is somewhat different perhaps, though this is just something sent into English/Russian. So that’s not all so important eh? Nor should it be caused to represent an entire culture.
    I don’t think we have an arguement here. Gerry (5 times in Russian (Rossiya)

  10. Vlcek says:

    I think that “Loco” is in fact volleyball, not soccer team – behind boys there hangs the net and their kit is more likely volleyball – short socks, numbers on front left side were not customary on soccer jersey and stripe above number wears typically captain of volleyball team.

  11. Francis says:

    Really good mate. Also Ive bookmarked this blog. This blog is very useful for me.

  12. Discount says:

    All in the past. Adio URSS.

  13. biomedtalk says:

    My opinion is a bit another how it is possible to talk to the author, for example on an e-mail?

  14. Ed Verville says:

    Great webpage, exactly where did you obtain the design template?

  15. SaShKo says:

    Very remarkable topic

  16. This kit IS wonderful, but next to nothing except the patches jogs my memory on the celebration, it must have been retro azteca styling

  17. construction jobs these days are on demand because the construction business is booming again~,.

  18. Cheburator says:

    In Soviet Russia photos take you!

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