1 Doomed House

Doomed House

Posted on September 19, 2006 by team

We’ve got a letter from a visitor, he lives in Moscow, and now their whole house is experiencing the following situation, according to his words:
“A government of Moscow had a debt of $300,000. There was made a decision to cover the debt giving out a half of a block of the land in the Moscow downtown to a private investor. This land included a house which is depicted in the picture.
house in moscow was sold with dwellers

It was marked as wrecking. The remarkable thing was that the price of one room in this house is around $300,000. The dwellers of the house are offered to move to Moscow suburbs, so the compensation they get many times lower than they could get if sell their apartments by market level. So our reader wonders what was the amount of the bribe given to a chief in the municipality so that he “sold” the land and a house on it for the price 1,000 lower than it costs on market.

The most interesting in this story is that this happens everyday across the Russia in different levels of government. The corruption rate is simply tremendous. Why there is no punishment following such actions? Just because every small or big person in the government when making such a thing is sharing with all the levels that can affect him, so everybody goes out happy.

So the government is not for people but just for it’s servants, people have to survive by themselves or if they have private links in police or authorities that can be used to stop the actions they don’t want. Some sort of feudalism.

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  1. Traveller says:

    I did want to join in the general accolades that this is a wonderful project that you are producing. Always interesting, written from the heart and with deep insight into Mother Russia.

    Regarding the corruption…sigh…what can I say? But keep warm always you outrage over this.

    Best Wishes and Good Luck,


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