10 Video of a Floodlight Tower Blasted in St. Petersburg

Video of a Floodlight Tower Blasted in St. Petersburg

Posted on September 13, 2006 by team

This is the video of how the floodlight tower was blown up on the stadium in St. Petersburg, Russia. It was devastated on purpose, as a step on the way to removing the old stadium before the new one would be built.

Still it’s impressive how a huge construction is falling down right on the stadium field, slowly and gracefully.

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10 Responses to “Video of a Floodlight Tower Blasted in St. Petersburg”

  1. Dalay Lamer says:


  2. LEVON says:

    Voblja, ruskih tut bolshe chem pimdosov !!!!

  3. Dalay Lamer says:

    Пендосов (Pendos) – that’s right form of this word =)

  4. khaz says:

    The construction contractor dude is definetly either drunk or high, or both.

  5. LEVON says:

    Aga, tak i zapiszem ne “pindos” a “Pendos”.

  6. Mihail says:

    Pendos – is local word for old man, sitting on streets in Greek. But now it is name of SOME of US sitizens, that think they is sooo high persons =)

  7. Mihail says:

    sorry, in Greece

  8. Too bad the ‘St. Petersburg’ banner covered the spot where the tower fell…but the anchor is a fox and made the video worth watching!

  9. Boris says:

    How do you guys watch the video? My browser cannot even determine the required plug-in. I guess a lot of people are still using Microsuck Windblows XPlode’s IE browser.

  10. PoToP says:

    In Russia we steal ALL soft which You foreigns buy =))) muahahah!!!

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