21 And Some Police Cars

And Some Police Cars

Posted on September 12, 2006 by team

In Russia police even police can be different. They can ride on such 1968 production year “Zaporozhets”:

russian car zaporozhetsq

And at the same time top police officials can go on 2006 Porsche Cayenne Bi-Turbo worth over $100k:

porsche cayenne of russian police

What a contrast isn’t it?


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21 Responses to “And Some Police Cars”

  1. Sauri says:

    Second one just more expirienced with his gun and uniform (see previous article about police) :).

    2 Askold: you probably right, but by the way GIBBD was renamed back to GAI this year.

  2. Mihail says:

    But by the way, nowhere in Russia GAI dont use any of “Zaparozhets”. Commentary about 1 pix is speculation

  3. Ghoort says:

    First car has a fake handmade number and that car looks very old. So it is just joke.

  4. Андерссон (Россия) says:

    Ребята, на первой фотографии просто шутка! Не надо так всё серьёзно воспринимать!!!

  5. Inq says:

    First photo is just a joke :)
    Author, did not you understand? :)

  6. general Public says:

    аффтар много че не понимает. по-моему ему пора пятый класс ещё по разу пройти.

  7. sakezen says:

    во-первых авто-Украина НАЗЫВАЕТСЯ zaPORSHivec во-вторых скоро английские копы на них ездить будут -TVR-то теперь – RASHA AVTO….

  8. Lars says:

    It is not a real police car on the first photo, it’s a joke-car made by some enthusiast. It’s obvious. I’ve lived in Russia for 26 years and I know.

  9. anest says:

    Probably it’s possible what that is *real* GAI car. For example, in some countryside with a collective farmers, where local inspector can used his own car for cop job. It is possible in russia, and also it’s possible where is very poverty a budget. So, yes, 90% from 100 what that it’s possible.

  10. Z-man says:

    About comment 10. Why in the world road police will be in the country side. They don’t have local ones, but from larger cities come ones a while. So there is no country road police (GAI means road police). This could be used 50 yrs ago. True. This license is garbage. Back then they had square black ones. Blue ones are recent. But it is not the license anyway.

  11. Azrul Hisyam Saleh says:

    Zaparozhets? I thought it was a Zastava, also based on Fiat 600

  12. Maxut says:

    1st foto is joke? in Russia there is no cars like this. in knov. I live in Moscow ;-). But porshe and othes expensiv kars is reali.

  13. Anka says:

    вот тормоза, ржу над сайтом не могу XD автор, после какой дозы гамбергеров в твоем мозгу родился этот сайт?

  14. lind says:

    LOL! Here one Russian probably sit. But a site interesting. 2anka the author has gobbled up 50 hamburgers and has drunk 4 litres of coca-cola. ржунимагу

  15. russian patriot says:

    Пиндосы с таким серьёзом это обсуждают. Им сфотографируй медведя и скажи что это русский человек они повидутся и будут писать WOW SO INTERESTING !ROFL!

  16. Greg says:

    Hell, you soviets will always be a huge fun to watch for normal people. Greetings to all you Asian Bandits from Poland + the EU:-))

  17. Canadian Meat says:

    you guys are funny go to canada

  18. Ivan Minic says:

    Is that a Porsche?

  19. palmetto says:

    No, it probably is a Trabant. These were made in Communist (Eastern) Germany.
    I’m only referring to the first photo.

  20. Zhuravlik says:

    Hey, a “Zaporozhetz” car isn’t used for police car. Peresvet was right, that’s joke.
    The “Zaporozhetz” were be considered as car for the most poor layers of the population of USSR.
    In USSR period, GAI was based on the “Zhiguli”, “Moskvitch” and the “Volga” cars.

  21. Dana says:

    You’re exaggerating.

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