7 Russian Roads 3

Russian Roads 3

Posted on September 10, 2006 by team

Russian roads continue to surprise me. These shots were taken in Chelyabinsk city, but native Russian viewers commented that “it can happen in any Russian city, for sure”. Just take a look:

lada 99 russian car, hole in the road

For some reason construction workers have dug a hole here, and they put no fencing around it.

lada 99 russian car, hole in the roadlada 99 russian car, hole in the road

And often street lamps are not working, so the driver probably was cruising around, pretty sure that nothing is going to disturb him, and then just imagine how he felt.

lada 99 russian car, hole in the roadlada 99 russian car, hole in the road

Another funny thing is that this car was left and nobody tried to remove it from this trap. According to the photos, it was the middle of the day but nobody came to rescue the car that crashed the night before.

Well, roads in Russia are a big problem, and every year the problem gets worse. Many roads were made in the Soviet era but nowadays they don’t receive enough funding to support them so they spoil even more. And another thing is that the roads in Russia are often made improperly, often the proper construction techniques are not being followed.



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7 responses to “Russian Roads 3”

  1. Andy says:

    Judging by the shadows, the time of day is either early morning or, more likely, late evening.

    As to why no-one’s collected the car yet – I’d imagine, in a Russian village, the kind of equipment needed to remove the car from the hole without damaging it further isn’t readily available.

  2. Mihail says:

    Village?? Man that is Chelyabinsk, a city. There are some reasons why car is not return back on earth surface:
    1. If u will drive it by tross you can damage it hard. Probably owner called for “cran”, in that time some peoples took the photo.
    2. He just dont care =)
    Notice – fences is there, but crushed in hole. You can see them on 2 pic.

  3. diego says:

    hehe, here in Buenos Aires we have “holes” or more exactly, “craters” that look like that. It isn’t safe even to take a walk.

  4. says:


  5. mario says:

    Почему тут все на албанском?

  6. vvv says:

    old joke from ussr time:
    Once foreigner in Moscow (Leningrad, other ussr city) broke his leg after he had fallen into excavation on the street. Then he started to accuse the authorities: “In our country all excavations are rounded by red marks so people could walk around them safely”. But his guide replied: “Haven’t you seen the big red mark on airport when you arrived by plane?”.

    (you can laugh here)

  7. trout says:

    this has been happening in cleveland ohio, USA. my friends up there say a couple in the last year or 2.

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