22 Choomuhzeek, the Internet hero

Choomuhzeek, the Internet hero

Posted on September 3, 2006 by team

This is a story of Choomuhzeek (Chumazik, means “dirty guy” in Russian), it was a true hit in 2005 across Russian part of Internet. Thousands of pictures appeared with him and populated all the forums, blogs and etc.

The “Choomuhzeekh” is not the front guy, but a guy on the background.

By the way, those guys they are not some kind of homeless people, they are workers of a coal mine, and the front guy is complaining that they don’t receive the salary in time.

And here goes the photoshoped variety of Choomuhzeekh:

Chumazik is winning a million.

Chumazik with some tough hip-hop guys.

Chumazik’s driver’s license.

I don’t know who is that.

Chumazik and Mr. Putin. The dialogue:
Friend of Chumazik: Vova (short for Vladimir Putin), where is the vodka?
Mr. Putin: Just a second, pal.

Chumazik as Uma.

Chumazik as you know who.

Chumazik as Russian road patrol policeman.

Chumazik as Hitler. Heil!

Dances of Chumazik.


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22 Responses to “Choomuhzeek, the Internet hero”

  1. nolan says:

    “If there were no election fraud, there might be good chances of such chronicles.”
    Do russian citizens know about latest US elections problems? If so, are mainstream media dealing about it or is it only an internet thing?

  2. “Do russian citizens know about latest US elections problems?”

    Yes, we do ;-) mainstream media really dealing about it

  3. Медвед says:


  4. Scott says:

    The guy in the fourth picture with all the nails in his head is Jack Pinhead from the american movie Hellraiser.

  5. Darek from Poland says:

    Alt and Anonymous, диержыте nerves !

    I’ve seen the film with чумазик about a year ego. So I see he has an international glory, now. Regards.

  6. Ivan Minic says:

    He became hero even in Serbia :)

  7. putinski says:

    Laugh at the drunken dirty guy. Don’t listen to the coal miner’s complaints, don’t think about what he’s saying. Laugh at the dirty guy. Laugh at the dirty guy.

    PRAVDA is alive and well.

  8. Lenin says:

    Uma net mashinu pridumat` ili drugogo nanyat` vot i rabotay!

  9. Prorok says:

    Vi russkie samaya gnilaya natziya posle arabov, tak chto zakroyte svoy tuhliy rot i prodoljayte spivatsya poka ne peredohnite!
    USA forever!

    • Старый чекист says:

      Ты бы лучше вафелничек свой закрыл, а то тебе целку порвут и булки на части растащат ))))))))))

  10. Don says:

    I didn’t laugh honest.

  11. EvgenyNN says:

    Choomuhzeek is alive.

    He is not drunk, just sick.

  12. Marat says:

    TO Prorok How can you say so? Are you God? If you can say such dirty thing about nation? Your action is very base! Ty prosto nizok kak krysa spyatalsya u sebya v komnatke i chtoby udovletvorit sebya nichtozhnogo reshil oskorbit velikuyu nation. Ty hot videl nas? ili zhizn? ty prosto molokosos! Esli dat volyu nashemu narodu on raznes tvou zalkuyu stranu za sutki, tak cho zatktni svou pomoiku. Gomodril ushastyi

  13. Rusana says:

    funny, but also sad(

    now people send him money from all over Russia…

  14. El_Greco says:

    Remember it was 1990s probably 1996 Yeltsin rule

  15. pynipple says:

    the pictures are funny, but I (from Minnesota US) agree with the struggle of the working man and that the harder one works, the less he seems to be paid and appreciated … it is much the same here in the US with farmers and labor workers – the people who work the hardest in a corporation usually get paid the least wages … I am sure it’s worse in Russia but the same problem exists in every country — I hope things are better now in 2009 than they were in 1996 for these people

  16. Tatiana says:

    Our nation is not health and it’s not funny,it’s sad.

  17. KT315 says:

    Later, journalists tracked down Chumazik. He – not a drunkard, but the sick man, an invalid. Loss of coordination of movements, from this, he often falls when walking.

  18. Alex says:

    Chumazik has disability!!!!!!!! it is not amazing!!!!!

  19. sobot2 says:

    i hope economy will grow for life’s improvement

  20. Ohh says:

    Chumazik has disability!!!!!!!!
    Wow YOU are laughing about an invalid person !
    Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. ZeN41k says:

    Chumazik has disability! YOU are laughing about an invalid person

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