The former participant of «House-2» is arrested.
0 The former participant of «House-2» is arrested.

The former participant of «House-2» is arrested.

In Komi capital Syktyvkar the former participant of reality-show «House-2» Vyacheslav Popov was arrested. To the young man it is charged with illegal purchase and storage of narcotics in the large size. Student of a Syktyvkar state university Vyacheslav Popov has received popularity after he had became one of participants of teleshow «House-2» in September, 2004. The guy has appeared among four arrested persons on suspicion in distribution of hashish. At
personal inspection operatives found out at Popov two package with hashish. That`s not the first scandal connected with participants of show. In November of the last year directly on shootings of show Alexey Adeev have been detained. The guy will lead 4,5 years to colonies of a strict mode - for swindle. In 2004 in "House" there was Elena Berkova who had in actual fact appeared a pornactress and was expelled from the show with a shame.
A new hobby of Dima Bilan.
1 A new hobby of Dima Bilan.

A new hobby of Dima Bilan.

Some time ago singer Dima Bilan addicted to photographing. All has begun when he has simply forgotten the camera at home, leaving on vocations. The pictures, made by a mobile phone, did not suit anywhere. Therefore Bilan has decided to get a professional camera and has stopped a choice on new Canon model. The singer has quickly mastered new technics and has started to take pictures of all around.
But most of all he liked to photograph friends. Now Bilan always carries with himself a camera. Nevertheless, in one of the Moscow airports he had to refuse the new hobby for a while. When he was trying to photograph passengers, suddenly the security employees appeared and asked to take away technics. Dima Bilan did not begin to argue and executed their requirement.
700 million roubles on improvement of Moscow image.
1 700 million roubles on improvement of Moscow image.

700 million roubles on improvement of Moscow image.

Authorities of Moscow have supported "the Complex target program of increase of the international authority and formation of a positive image of Moscow for 2007-2009" to correct an image of Russian capital. The nearest years capital authorities are going to spend more than 700 million roubles for this porpouse. They have decided to allocate 450 million roubles from the budget, and 250 million more to receive at investors. The program plans the massed information campaign with use of both traditional mass-media, and various Internet-technologies. By the plan of officials, representation about Moscow should
be as about a megacity-pilot, successfully finding the decisions of the most complex city problems. Developers assure, that these means will bring not only moral satisfaction to muscovites, but also a profit in due course. Officials will begin with the Internet. In fact the city even does not have English-speaking portal on which all information interesting foreigners would be placed. It complicates information search in Moscow for foreign tourists. It is required to capital authorities about a year to create a qualitative and effective English-speaking portal.
Do the western special services force the Russian Military-industrial complex to go bankrupt?
3 Do the western special services force the Russian Military-industrial complex to go bankrupt?

Do the western special services force the Russian Military-industrial complex to go bankrupt?

Yesterday in Moscow the commission under the prevention of bankruptcies of the strategic enterprises, led by the vice-president of the Military-industrial commission Vladislav Putilin has been created. Some years were required to our officials to begin a stop of process of disorder Military-industrial complex. Let's remind, that from 948 strategic enterprises 198 have attributes of bankruptcy. Concerning 150 courts have born decisions about collecting debts due to their property. Against 44 procedure of bankruptcy is raised. These are basically the medium-sized enterprises making accessories for military technics, and military scientific research institutes. For a long time it was clear that any measures were necessary. In the end of April Minpromenergo suggested to arrange under the prevention of bankruptcy of the strategic enterprises and organizations. That time deputy minister Andrey Reus suggested to create fund on restoration of solvency of the strategic enterprises. In the past the Federal service of financial improvement was engaged in preventive maintenance of deliberate bankruptcies. But during administrative reform it has been abolished. As the deputy director of department Minekonomrazvitija of Russian Federation Tseren Tserenov has declared, «the primary purpose of the commission becomes
preventive maintenance of bankruptcy at the strategic enterprises. For this purpose all arsenal of the state methods, including on delays of payments on debts of the strategic enterprises, should be used. It is necessary to generate a system of protection of the rights of workers of the enterprises concerning which procedure of bankruptcy is spent. With this purpose, probably, special government or not government funds will be created. It is a problem which is put at a level of the top management of the country» Possibly the government did not wish to pay attention at that fact, that it`s necessary for someone to bunkrupt the strategic enterprises. While officials from the White house discussed in occasion of necessity of rescue domestic VPK, FSB has promulgated the information on participation of the western special services to piracy aside the Russian defense industry. Under the application of Nikolay Patrushev, the chapter of this department, “FSB revealed some attempts of "custom-made bankruptcy” of defensive enterprises. In particular, according to Patrushev, FSB have stopped liquidation of the Omsk factory of transport mechanical engineering - one of the leading tank-building enterprises.”
0 According to research, Moscow is a comfortable place to live.

According to research, Moscow is a comfortable place to live.

 According to research, Moscow is a comfortable place to live for its inhabitants.  Pricing on the goods and services in Moscow is relatively low, can be compared with prices at San Paulo or Rio-de-Janeyro, or
almost twice as less that in New York City. Moscow constantly in need of some groups of workers: cooks, mechanics, banking proffesionals,  product managers. Less are needed: teachers, engineers, workers.  
russian money laundering crime group
2 Fraudsters cashed out around $1 billion

Fraudsters cashed out around $1 billion

A gang of fraudsters was revealed in Nizhny Novgorod. Members of the gang are suspected in money laundering and illegal cash out and transportation of huge amounts of money. As police reports during the period 2004-2006 they managed to transfer from Nizhny Novgorod region to other places and countries more than $20 billion roubles (around $1 billion). Investigators claim that members of these group accumulated large amounts of money on bank accounts of companies incorporated in Nizhny Novgorod or in offshore territories. After that they cashed out the money and transported them to Moscow or Saint-Petersburg in big sport bags. They used a simple scheme of money laundering and tax non-payment. Police
arrested one of the members of the gang while he was transporting 25 million roubles ($1 million) in his car. Prosecutors claim that the activities of the gang is worth of 3 billion roubles of unpayed taxes ($400 million). It has been investigated that there were 5 active members of the gang, two were leaders and three others were regular members. The group leaders had a degree in economics and for a long time worked in banking business. Regular members had no education or legal job. During the investigation police managed to arrest only regular members of the gang, the leaders managed to escape, and now are subject of the federal search.
To whom thefts from the Hermitage are favourable?
0 To whom thefts from the Hermitage are favourable?

To whom thefts from the Hermitage are favourable?

221 unique products of jeweller art were gone from Russian department of the Hermitage. Today two persons are accused of theft. The husband and the son of plundered collection`s owner Larissa Zavadskaja, suddenly deceased. Both of them are detained and are under examination. Nikolay Zavadsky-junior worked in a museum for some years and, under the version of consequence, during his work thefts of silver jeweller masterpieces were made. That is remarkable, losses have stopped after his dismissal. It would seem, all is clear. But could one family without assistants and intermediaries make this scale swindle? There is an opinion, that it was the order of an antiquarian mafia. Many experts refer in opinion, that at all their external sensational nature, thefts in one of the main museums of Russia are frivolous. Estimate: the volume of thefts for 5 years has not exceeded 130 million
roubles. At the same time in Petersburg was gone a picture by Mark Shagal, at once estimated on one of the western auctions in half a million dollars! From a hall of impressionists of the same Hermitage thieves have born a picture by Jean-Leon Zheroma «Pool in the Harem» in insurance cost in one million dollars. It means, that a sensation around of present theft from the Hermitage is artificial. To whom is it favourable? Here are some of versions. The purpose - is to clean the person, who is stirring to their profitable "business". To put in Piotrovsky's armchair the person which will sharply raise financial turns of "business". Or the foes-careerists of mister Piotrovsky wish to clean the head of one of the basic museums of the country. And to borrow its throne (by the way - the highest in the museum world).
Alsu will give birth for $6 thousand a day
1 Alsu will give birth for $6 thousand a day

Alsu will give birth for $6 thousand a day

The seven-story grey building on Great Portland Street near the London Ridgent-park - here is a private hospital №1 Britain - «Portland». Here safety is observed even better, than on Downing-Street where the residence of English prime-minister is located. In fact the elite gives birth exactly here. Under the statement of Alsu environment, in this elite "maternity home" the pregnant Russian priest-star is going to lay down. In the beginning there were plans to
get updating with posterity in her London house, however the singer nevertheless was solved on hospital. The first day in «Portland», including birth, cost 6 thousand dollars (or 3 thousand English pounds), each following - one and a half. Plus additional payments for each analysis or procedure, employment by yoga. But parents do not complain - after all the favourite daughter`s and grandchildren`s health is more high-priced!
As Maugli became the Kazakh
0 As Maugli became the Kazakh

As Maugli became the Kazakh

Before the beginning of a picture "Nomad" the credit announces that its inspirer was the first president of Kazakhstan Noursultan Nazarbaev. It is possibly caused by aspiration to declare the national identity and to designate on a card of the modern cultural world the state which is considered in the old manner as a makeweight to Russian empire in the West. Meantime Kazakhs have their own history, tradition and heroes. For example, the main character of a film-epopee, Mansur, conducts a family tree from Chingishan, that is a subject of national pride for the «new Kazakhs». It goes without saying, they have a full right on this. However, the curious paradox is that they have decided to declare the world their originality using a language of the Hollywood stamps. By the way, the picture was bought for hire by Harvi Weinstein, the producer of all Tarantino`s films. It`s probably indifferent to the foreign spectators that epic Kazakhs in "Nomad" are represented by slightly tinted Chineses
and Mexicans. In general "Nomad" is a film not for those who can distinguish the representatives of these unlike against each other nations. To not complicate the spectators who are not understanding history of Turkestan, all necessary data are stated by "nomad" Oraz for the staff. This role is played by actor Dzhejson Scott (hawaiian-chinese origin) which more of others is similar to the present Kazakh. Once Dzhejson Scott has played Maugli in «Jungle Book». The first Kazakh film-epos with the budget in 40 million dollars (under informal data) was created for all the world and by efforts of all cinema world. The script was written by Azerbaijanian Rustam Ibragimbekov. To one of producers became well-known czech Milosh Forman. Hes compatriot Ivan Passer, the director, has been replaced then by other hired "soldier", Sergey Bodrov. The customers wished to get the good of an export level, and this purpose was reached.
Vasily Leontiev, economist
0 A Critic of a Talking Horse.

A Critic of a Talking Horse.

Today is the anniversary for the great economist Vasily Leontiev. When somebody says "VAsily Vasilievich", you first remember Rozanov somehow. When you hear "Leontiev" A well-known philosopher Konstantin Leontiev
comes on mind at first. But someday this name, patronimic and last name will be definitely associated with a great Russian, an economist of a world class, Nobel Nominee Vasily Vasilievich Leontiev.

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