28 Soviet Public Luxury Limo

Soviet Public Luxury Limo

Posted on August 31, 2006 by team

It deprived the majority of the population of the right to have a private property, including cars. People mainly used the public transportation means, buses, trolley-buses, trams.

And this seems to be a try to make a public luxury car. Kind of multi passenger limo heading by the route “Home – Red Factory – Home”, carrying hundreds of shock workers, with lustrous eyes and great intentions.

russian taxi, russian limousine

No extra doors available. None is supposet to come out before reaching a final destination of Red Factory.

russian limousine for shock workers
After all the countries of the world would be set free such devices could used for bringing freedom in outer space, after of course some sort of fast modification and renovation.

russian fantasy car

This angle is not very nice.

The interrior though is not a big thing. Something common is in interriors of all oldtimers, and this something is probably a minimalism.

It’s a big pity that it was just a big utopia together with all other ideals of communism. It could be a better society though there is a one good lesson from this great Soviet experiment worth of three generations of human lives and 70 years in length – great results cannot be achieved with the help of violence. You can’t make people happy by depriving them with what you think is bad for them and issuing commands on what they should like. And that’s a lesson which should not be forgotten by modern day activists for Better Future of Humanity.


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28 Responses to “Soviet Public Luxury Limo”

  1. Alex says:

    It’s not a limo – it was a minivan taxi.

  2. Nikoлай says:

    I guess I’ve seen that van in the final scene of “Kavkazskaya plennitsa” movie… right, it was just a taxi there.

  3. Nick Kodov says:

    People didn’t have cars because they couldn’t afford it, not because people didn’t have rights to have it as a property. Actually, car was considered to be “personal” property, not private property. Unlike private property, personal property was OK.

    Then, as far as I remember this car was some kind of a mini-bus/taxi, and definitely not a luxury vehicle.

  4. john says:

    “You can’t make people happy by depriving them with what you think is bad for them and issuing commands on what they should like. And that’s a lesson which should not be forgotten by modern day activists for Better Future of Humanity.”

    what is a preacher doing here, making religious converts to capitalism as a model for society. Your comments are simple minded to a complex problem. Go check the root and history of what happened and why. Then look at a couple of more history books about politically oppressed people rising up. Modern day America could take a lesson from the “communist revolutionaries” they knew there was a problem and actually did something besides being good little sheep. Baaaa to you sheep/preacher.

    BTW very cool vehicles here vintage for sure. Fun to drive one today just to see what they were like.

  5. LEVON says:

    The guy who makes this site is some kid of j#$%k or something? what the hell is he talkin about? Limos…red factoryes… This is “Start”, a prototipe for a city shuttle bus buill in “NAMI” research center, in late 60 early 70-s.It was unique, there was never built a second one. It was built on the base of Volga GAS 21(hehe, Have one in my garage, looks like chevy) a really nice looking car with really poor technical characterystics. Won at least one design contest in europe.

  6. davo says:

    It’s one of 12 STARTs (CTAPT)made in 1961 for a cancelled visit by President Eisenhower to the USSR. Running gear is basically GAZ Volga, it has a GRP body, and is totally beautiful.

  7. Alexei says:

    The passenger door is on the other side of the vehicle, like on old minivans…

  8. Josh says:

    I love the white and blue paint. That is a really pretty limo

  9. Limo hire says:

    The Russian limo hire sector looks in a poor state if this luxury is anything to by.

  10. LimosLA says:

    This limousine does look similiar to a minibus, and would not be considered a limousine here in the States. But it is very interesting and very retro.

  11. I have alot of hummmer limos, but nothing like that, I would love to get one of those in the fleet.

  12. That is a funny little vehicle, it is crazy it was once a luxury limousine.

    Then again, would the customer like it?

  13. Limo says:

    Nice one people should read this.

  14. Wow you really like your cars, I like that it looks pants but it does the job ;)

  15. Slam a turbo charger in it and away your go to space

  16. ali says:


    Thank you

  17. Quicklivery says:

    It was once a luxury limousine. Looks a little funny looking.

  18. Cool limo.

    Soendoro Soetanto

  19. SovMarxist1924 says:


  20. Andreas says:

    Mobil antik yang sangat bagus

  21. Ken says:

    That is a crazy looking vehicle.

  22. NoBS says:

    This vehicle has never been driven in traffic.

    No mirrors to keep an eye on the passengers or reality for that matter.

  23. Limo Hire Edinburgh says:

    That limo doesn’t look very luxurious. You should use limo Hire Edinburgh for a real luxury limo hire experience.

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