8 Drowned tractor and magic mushrooms

Drowned tractor and magic mushrooms

Posted on August 31, 2006 by team

Almost in every Russian village there is a story about a drowned tractor. Many tractors were being drowned during the Soviet period. During Soviet period of Russia all the vehicles belonged to a governmental structures and all the people worked in those structures, there were no any private farmer. So the governmental property was not treated with care. Often drunk tractor drivers were fond of visiting lakes and rivers accompanied with Russian girls for some swimming and just for tractor riding fun (during Soviet period there were almost no passenger cars in private ownership in Russian countryside). Often such trips were finished with a drowned tractor. Just like on the pictures below:

russian tractor deep in the water

What else can be done – just some silent observation of the fact.

russian tractor deep in the water

It’s interesting, the buckle of this machine is moving, is it a result of some short circuit convulsion?

russian tractor deep in the waterrussian tractor deep in the water

I bet those guys are passers by from some major Russian city. People in Russian cities are also amused on facts happening in the countryside. The sign that the guy in a light coat is showing means “bottle of vodka”. At the end of Soviet era (80s) there was an alcohol prohibition across the Soviet Union, and different taxi drivers, truck drivers or just people driving across Russian roads carried some extra bottle of vodka as a source of income, if he saw somebody on the roadside showing such a sign that meant that he is not a hitchhiker but he is expressing an interest in buying a bottle or two.

russian tractor deep in the water

The old guy seems to be unhappy. Unhappy with the tractor in the water and unhappy with an extra attention being paid from the side of the photographer.

russian tractor deep in the water

Here is how the vehicle would be rescued. Another tractor is going to pull it out from the water.

russian tractor deep in the water

But why there is one more tractor?

russian tractor deep in the waterrussian tractor deep in the water

Mission is completed, and that’s nice.
Nowadays it seems to be also a common fun on riding a tractor in some changed state of mind. How else such things can be explained? By the way in North-West regions of Russia each fall there are a lot of psychedelic mushrooms can be found across the fields and forests. They contain an active drug psilocybin, it has the same nature as mescaline of Mexican magic mushrooms or LSD, the strongest hallucinogenic drug.  I am not sure that tractor drivers are fond of using this kind of fun, though some people in Russia are sure that ability to get a rich crop of such mushrooms freely without any expense except a fast trip into nearby forest is the gift from some Higher beings. Who knows.

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8 Responses to “Drowned tractor and magic mushrooms”

  1. Robert says:

    Maybe they just thought the tractor wanted a swim.

    The third tractor came along to join in the fun. As you can see it’s paddling by the side of the lake with it’s tyres just within the water.

    It’s all perfectly simple really.

  2. Magic mushrooms can be used to heal illnesses – of course they are not supposed to be consumed when driving tractors…

  3. Roland says:

    lol, magic mushrooms, no doubt :)

  4. alan sample says:

    “It’s interesting, the buckle of this machine is moving, is it a result of some short circuit convulsion?”

    no, the BACKHOE is being operated by the operator in the cab. There won’t be any circuitary involved on the backhoe and/or frontloader on this machine, its just too old.

    The operator is probably trying to push the machine out of the river using the backhoe to push it out

  5. Debasree Automobiles says:

    Send more information

  6. Remainds me of safari in good old SA

  7. Rana Albarez says:

    Exceptional site, where did you come up with the knowledge in this piece of writing? Im pleased I found it though, ill be checking back soon to see what other articles you have.

  8. RB says:

    I like the part about flashing a hand signal looking for vodka.

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