138 Daily photos from Russian cities

Daily photos from Russian cities

Posted on August 31, 2006 by team

That’s a daily, probably not exact daily but several time a week series of Russian street life, the photos gathered from different sources, on which the nice moments are caught, with some commentaries. Just for some easy viewing.

daily russian photos

Neither he is not a military man, just some kind of guard wearing scary military uniform, it seems that he is guarding an antique store, at least that what is written on that red sign.

russian car lada in some weird appearance
That is Russian car “LADA 2109”, it was in production since late 80-s until something like 2002. The funny thing that it is not a photo from a car accident but a real car driving across some big city.

russian car uaz being used in russian police

This is a patrol car UAZ. The initial model of this car is in production since early 60-s! It was built with idea it could be moving ahead of the tank squad across the fields and forests areas where are absolutely no roads. Nowadays they are still in production and are being used in big cities in a few modifications. The doors from the back of the car are used to place suspects inside.


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138 Responses to “Daily photos from Russian cities”

  1. Robert says:

    What on Earth is the girl in the short skirt holding?

  2. Shannon says:

    This site is absolutely wonderful.

  3. amy says:

    that bear in the cab is killing me. what the hell!???

  4. Князь Владимир says:

    А вот И МЕДВЕД!!! Гы – гы – гы

  5. xdx says:


  6. Julia says:

    If it is a really a russian scenery with the bear, so why the taxi cab has a Belarussian numbers on the back?

    • Stas says:

      maybe you think that the former soviet union countries are so different, but to tell you the truth, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, all the same crep exactly. No offense to all the Russian patriots, but facts are facts.

  7. Roman says:

    The inscription on the girl’s skirt is probably a fake. It must be made with photoshop

    • Stas says:

      And the girls are quite real amigo, I saw similar performances when i was a kid living in the Ukraine, and those bands such as Virski which perform the folk dance travel around the world. Another thing is that kids are not necessarily traumatized by this view, they are looking at the performance and not at the dancer’s underwear.

  8. pushy says:

    damn u r all so naiiiiivve )

    i cant help laughing not cause of viewing pictures but of reading comments, and not cause comments r hilarious = )

  9. Alehandro says:

    These all photos full nonsense, I live in Ukraine in Kiev and I wish to assure everything, that bears at us on streets do not go and furthermore in a taxi do not go also a striptease to children do not show… We not savages what that and the civilized people… Same as well as you…

  10. Mihail says:

    Author, i can send you a REAL photos from REAL evereday life =) Just let me know on wizary@mail.ru

  11. Eshkind says:

    These photos are taken from some russian funsite, nothing more. They don’t reflect everyday life at all but they are posted here as pure representatives of russians’ life.

  12. Alt from Russia says:

    Слабо так же весело?

  13. Siegrun says:

    Show more photos of our girls. Can to your guys it will want to make children. We live badly – but you will die earlier – of fat and genic updatings. All good.

  14. Hellen says:

    People! Dont take it serious! I can take any pic of that kind here in USA… Lots of places and faces like that… But Im soooooo curious about that girl in a short skirt – whats that under her arm? whose tail? lol… that poor car cannot move at all – just out of question… Re a police office with his funny stick…. Just pay attention on a big ad board on the left…. Its written there – Twist it on your way! Look at his pose…. Looks like a Twist dance… lol ! I think the idea is somewhere there…. What do you think?

  15. MrGu$$akoff says:

    There is also an another life.I don’t mean that Russia is the best country to live in….but love it!!)at least it is not boring to live among such funny things.for seeing another features of russian life visit for example http://www.indarnb.ru(night life)……

  16. Mitch says:

    WHAT is so RUSSIAN in upskirt shot? Plenty of such on the net. Were you there to know all the show details? I guess no, it’s just taken from your sick mind. The kids gust stood near the scene to see all coz they’re small. Dig?

  17. Ivan Minic says:

    How huge soldier :)

  18. Goldmeyer says:

    Try something different (like USA or Germany) and you most probably will change your mind.

  19. yo says:

    PhotoShop RULEZ!

  20. beyonder says:

    Just want to say that the paris-dakkar race is not won every year by KAMAZ. it is usually won by the famous car manufactures, mitsubishi, ford and the like.

  21. lizi says:

    is that girl holding… a lizard?
    i’m going to moscow this saturday – i can’t wait! :)

  22. Bato says:

    ЫЫыыыыыыыыы-валялсо ;)))) Им то так точно слабо-они бы пожили у нас и их бы всех в дурку спрятали :)))

  23. Sergei says:



    in the last 12 years, 7 of the victories were by Kamaz truck… so nice try

    • Xpltivdletd says:

      Okay, okay, okay. But they suck, on motorcycle stages!

      Seriously–can you post any English-language pages on those trucks? The coverage of the Dakar we see in the U.S.A. on TV, we barely see the SERIOUS trucks. Probably could not import one. Russia has no E.P.A. and no Al Gore, so in Russia you can still build a serious truck. Don’t let anyone screw that up for you. Best regards.

  24. Benjamin says:

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    nice girls

  25. Jason says:

    I was with a beautiful russian girl in a short skirt in Ekaterinburg last year.Russia has the most beautiful women and they will rock your world.

  26. Phil E. Drifter says:

    Where can I get in touch with a hot Russian girl so I can have a pen-pal on the other side of the northern hemisphere?

  27. Don Knapel says:


  28. Mike says:

    Sorry, but you’re entirely wrong…

    David Copperfield is from NEW JERSEY. Not even Odessa, Texas.

  29. mpas says:

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  30. Wolfi says:

    это чертовски удивительная

  31. mr mahann says:

    girl is probably holding a large turnip, or such.

  32. Vlad says:

    Lol, I liked what the guy has written, the last comment.. and it’s true… I’ve been in Moscow and it’s a great city! and I guess the guy meant Our by writing Are.. but anywayz, I love Russia :) the people are very clever and talkative..
    I agree, in some ways Russia isn’t good, but you’ll never find a country which won’t have any disadvantages..
    But to tell you the truth, all the pic’s r fake, most of them were taken from russian tv shows.. any ways I love Russia =))

    • Natalia says:

      I agree. Being a Russian girl myself, I’ve been studying in the UK for the last two years. These pictures are just selective. I can make many photos of the bad-looking, ugly or creepy people here in London (as well as photos of the awfully looking old buildings etc.). It is curious that the “western” countries make fun of drunken Russian people, but for me it was total surprise to see how many people drink each and ever Friday (as well as on weekends), how much they drink and how they behave afterwards, here in Britain!
      Plus, when I was in Majorca in Spain, there were so many dead drunken, badly behaving, British people … and we, the Russians, were totally surprised to see all this … So every country has something to be proud and to be ashamed of.

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