21 What a ferry line

What a ferry line

Posted on August 30, 2006 by team

in estonia there are a lot of russian language speaking people

Estonia is a small country nearby St. Petersburg. It was a part of Soviet Union before, but after 1990 this is an independent state. Ok, nevertheless a lot of people there are speaking Russian and there are some things happening there that might be of our interest.

There are a lot of islands in Estonia, mainly the islands are in Baltic sea.

On these photos one can see a process of making a life on an island more comfortable. Somebody wanted to have a Lexus car cruising from one end of his island to another. So he rented a fishers boat to move the car to an island.

Yeah, why not?



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21 Responses to “What a ferry line”

  1. Rollx says:

    Intresting pictures, Thanks for sharing them. Dont know so much of Russia, but the few things i know about this huge nation. Is that it seems right now to be a hard life to many people to live there (if you are poor). And also the catastrofic birthrates in your country, its like a plague (prelude to disaster). I hope for Russia things turns around for the better. One thing is sure, something has to be done. Putin and his goverment doesnt appear to be the right people to rule this great nation.

  2. gen says:

    Hello, Rollx! On the photo is not Russia. Estonia is another country.

  3. конюхъ says:

    see pole photoshop, usu mind. See on Eesti =)

    За братство Эстонии и России!

  4. sada1000 says:

    this is no photoshop thing.. they actually transported this lexus to an island about 10km off the coastline this way, i have no idea why but they did :D

  5. Fronika says:

    What’s the problem? It worked. Ingenious I say.

  6. pete says:

    “What’s the problem? It worked. Ingenious I say”
    proper soviet attitude :D

  7. lexus says:

    Haha, apparently the island is 6 km^2 ;)

  8. Andreas says:

    Maybe not the safest way but it seem to have worked anyway :)

  9. obidobi says:

    I wonder how many gasstations they have on that island!?

  10. [Walaki]D`Lair says:

    OMFG!!! o.O

  11. tommy says:

    haha it;s very funny

  12. Ivan Minic says:

    Soviet way of transportation :D

  13. Tõnis says:

    will you please stop calling Estonia Russia?
    there is a BIG difference,in Estonia the situation is much better, than in Russia.To call Estonia Russia is almost the same as calling Mexico America.
    As an estonian i feel insulted to be called a russian.

  14. Estonian says:

    +1 to what Tõnis said. I also feel insulted. Estonia is totally diffrent country from Russia.

  15. Pigeon says:

    It’s cool but it’s not particularly unique, people in coastal or island communities the world over do stuff like that. If you live on a small island and you want to import some large item to it you buy the local fishermen a drink… how else you gonna do it?

  16. Dyavol says:

    High risk to sink car in the see))

  17. Tap says:

    Eto verno – nihhuija vy chevo-nibud vernjote, pyanye tatariny!

  18. Nice design, new to me. I will begin using these immediately!

  19. Muito interessante… Parabens pelo site. =]

  20. Hutcheson says:

    Toyota should pay for the delivery.
    Good ads

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